SOLFiestas Multi Person

6 plus person inflatable board. 15'x5.56'x6"

For sale 2013 Vespoli MatriX 26’ Single Sculling Row Boat

For sale 2013 Vespoli MatriX 26’ Single Sculling Row Boat,Blue-Green, Lightweight 150-180lbs, Wing Rigger. Comes complete with: 1x Wing Rigger Bag C2 Skinny Oars Sculling Iara Bag Vespoli Shoes with Pivot Stretchers NK Speed Coach Vespoli Sling (brand new); 1x Single Boat Car Top Rack (brand new)

New Mistral Stealth Flatwater Unlimited SUP $2,150 (plus shipping at cost)

Super fast efficient hull design, for flatwater to light chop conditions, Unlimited SUP. 17' 6" long, 24" wide, 307 liters, weight 30.7 lbs. Carbon fiber constructions with foot operated rudder system. It lives up to its name and is literally silent on flat water with fantastic glide. Stable enough...

Nelo 550

Two year old Nelo 550 WWR layup with standard bucket. Actually only saw the water twice this past past season I as paddle my V14 and OC1 all the time these days. Still have the bag with the wave deflector, marathon rudder and other phone holder with...

New Mistral Interceptor All-Water Unlimited SUP $1,700 (plus shipping at cost)

New Mistral Interceptor 17' 6" long, 24.3" wide, 364 liters, and approx. 35 lbs. Great for light chop to downwind conditions, but rocker profile allows very good speed on flat water. Carbon fiber construction and very stiff. Very stable with capacity to carry paddlers of up to and over...

One Sup EVO PRO 14×25 all-around dugout board

You are looking at a 2018 One Sup EVO PRO 14x25 all-around dug out race board. This carbon board retails for $3000 new. Volume is 319.7L, height is 10.9 and weight is approx. 27-28lbs. This board has been raced, surfed, downwinded and shows some battle scars, though it was...

14′ x 26″ SIC Race Board

Good used board for someone wanting to race in events, but not wanting to spend $$thousands on a new board. Typical paddle scuffs but no major dings. Stable and pretty quick, the board floats me well at 195 pounds.

2019 Starboard Sprint 14′ x 23″ Carbon Sandwich Construction

The ultimate speedster for flatwater and chop. The carbon sandwich construction is light and strong yet supports riders weighing from 110 to 210 pounds. Based on podium finishes, the Sprint has to be one of the fastest boards on the market. Great board and great deal...

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