This board is called the Penetrator and it’s made by Balmoral Boards.
Check out the drainage and how forward the fin is… I emailed them
for more information.

I’m curious to see how the longer boards fit into the slot here on the
east coast. In Hawaii, they are used to 6-second windswell periods.
Here, I imagine it would be much less- maybe 2-3 seconds. I’m not sure
if a longer board would extend the slot or be unable to fit within the
area. I’m also not sure if the rocker would need to be more or less
extreme on the East Coast to accommodate the shorter period. In any
case, it’s an interesting design. The recessed deck, lowering the
center of gravity should add a lot of stability. I’ve seen this a lot
lately. The C4 Vortice, the Bark, and the Hobies seem to be settling
in that direction.

Here’s an article on the shaper:


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