Nexcare Waterproof bandages—If you’ve ever taken out a new paddle or have a problem with death grip or monkey grip with your paddle, then you’ve had blisters. I took out a great new paddle the other day and unfortunately, went too hard for too long. In fact, we did the 12.5 mile Graveyard course and even surfed a little. It was a long morning.

When I got home, I had a hole in my hand. I’ve used a lot of waterproof bandages, but the rubber kind seem to pull up, exposing the adhesive to the water. The mesh kind get wet and soaked through. A friend of mine (Thanks, Alan) told me about these and I gave them a try this time around.

They come in different sizes, most of which are small or for small cuts. I didn’t see anything for larger gashes. I also didn’t need one for a larger cut. They adhere well to a clean, dry hand and stay on.

The edges didn’t peel up. The wound didn’t get wet. And it lasted for two more days of paddling. I changed the bandage each day just to keep it clean and not because the bandage had issues.


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