A man was saved from drowning in the Missouri River Sunday afternoon after two Great Falls boys saw him struggling and pulled him to shore with their paddle boards.Daniel Chapman, 20, said he and a female friend were wading into the river near the shore of Verde Park when the water suddenly became too deep and he got pulled down by an undercurrent. As he was struggling to get out, 14-year-old Jacob Vidal and 10-year-old J.T. Whitaker pulled him onto Vidals board and took him to shore.”If he hadnt been there, I wouldnt have made it,” Chapman said of Vidal.Vidals father, Henry Vidal, said he and the two boys were just finishing up a day of recreation at the park when he saw Chapman struggling in the water and going under. He was yelling that he couldnt swim, Henry Vidal said.

via Boys prevent tragedy in Missouri River | Great Falls Tribune | greatfallstribune.com.


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