The next in our series of "Joe Paddlers" is Rich. Bubnowski.
He says "I've been surfing for over 40 years and SUP'ing for 6 or 7 years now.I am a paddler from NJ, and owner of Paddle Surf New Jersey."
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Welcome, Rich!
Where do you SUP the most?  
Jersey Shore.  Most of my SUP surfing is along the central NJ coast, Bay Head, Manasquan, Mantoloking and Ortley Beach, a little further down the barrier island.  And most of my flat water paddling if not on the ocean is usually along the Manasquan River or Barnegat Bay. So far my SUP experience has been mostly along the east coast as far north as Maine and down in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and St. Martin.
What board do I ride?  
For surf I ride either a C4 10-6 Pohaku or my 9-8 Starboard Element.  For flat water or racing I ride a 14' Fanatic Falcon.  Love the glide!
What paddle do I use?
I use an assortment of paddles.  In the surf I use a Quick Blade or Kialoa carbon fiber.  For flat water I use a slightly longer Kialoa Shaka Puu and I just ordered a Kialoa Hulu Ultralight.  Can't wait to try it!
Have I changed boards / paddles since I have started?
Yes, I'm going shorter but wider on my surf SUP's.  I plan on getting into something in the 8-6 x 31 range this spring.  With paddles I've gone slightly longer, even in the surf.  The longer paddle gives me a little more reach.  For racing I've tried both 12-6 and 14', but really like the glide you get on a 14'.  Would love to get into some really good downwinding in the future.  Maybe try the Unlimited class for kicks.
Where would I most like to SUP?  
I'm going to Hawaii this winter, so that'll be a lot of fun.  I haven't surfed or SUP'd the Pacific NW yet so that's on my list.
Best piece of SUP advice I've gotten.  
Probably just advice on perfecting my racing stroke technique.  I occassionaly paddle with Mark Colino who lives nearby.  He's just a wealth of knowledge on SUP and just an overall great guy.  Always willing to share advice.
Wierdiest thing?
Can't think of anything really weird off hand, but when I SUP'd off Cape Cod a couple of years ago it was really interesting to share the lineup with so many seals.  Later that day I thought about what else I may have been sharing the lineup with. 
Favorite SUP Nutrition
Above all, hydrate really well.  I drink a lot of water out there or sometimes Gatoraide cut 50/50 with water.  Pasta or sushi the night before races and I normally eat a lot of fish.
2014 Goals
Become a faster racer.  Also looking to doing the Cape to Cape Challenge this summer.  Its a new race from Cape Henlopen, Delaware to Cape May, NJ
Favorite post-paddle nosh?  
Favorite non-paddle thing to do?
Hanging with my family, otherwise surfing or flyfishing in Montana.
Where were you born? Where do you live now?
I was born in Summit, NJ and grew up in Union, NJ for most of my childhood.  I now live in Point Pleasant, NJ, right along the coast.
Self Employed Architect and owner of Paddle Surf New Jersey.
Who do I SUP with most often?
During the summer months I meet a lot of people when I'm giving lessons through Paddle Surf NJ.  Otherwise I like to get out with friends.  There's a great comraderie around here within the SUP community.  My eight year old son has also taken a liking to SUP so its always fun to get on the water with him.
Gear to invent?  
Maybe some type of compact wireless and waterproof speaker system, or do they have this already?  I like paddling with music, but its a bit of a pain wearing the headphones.  
EDITOR'S NOTE: There is such a thing! It is reviewed here:    
Biggest challenge?
Not really a challenge, but its a bit of a frustration when I see people out there without the proper safety equipment.  Every summer I run into beginners on the river with no PFD, no leash, holding the paddle backwards, etc.  Most are pretty receptive to taking some positive criticism, but ocassionally you run into someone doing everything wrong and they won't take any advice.  I guess you just need to say "have a nice day' and move along.
Proudest moment in an SUP event?
Definitely NYC SEA Paddle.  It was quite an accomplishment, met a lot of great people, and it was such a great cause.  It was also pretty surreal to see NYC from that vantage point.  Hope to do it again this summer.
Best friends through SUP?
Its just an overall great community.  I've met tons of wonderful people through this sport over the six or so years I've been doing it.  Some of the nicest people I've met have been through the races and charity events.  Its also great to see the smiles on the faces of the people that come to us for a lesson or two.  That's what its really about.  Sharing the stoke with people that don't normally get out on the water and seeing their smiles and sense of accomplishment.
Best SUP travel tip?
Even if you rent a board while traveling, at least bring your own heavy duty leash. 
Question for Mullet Nation:
What does everyone think will be the next major innovation in stand up paddle boarding?
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“Surfing for over 40 years and SUP’ing for 6 or 7 years now.”


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