I spent an awful lot of time picking out the perfect boyband gif for the CHUM this week, so I’m a little late this morning, but here are some of my favorite things. If someone keeps harassing asking you for gift list items, perhaps you can tell them to get you one of these. (I’m just not good at shopping on command. The holidays stress me out a lot. Maybe this will make yours less stressful.)

Bluesmiths Kula Windpro Hoodie

bluesmiths kula hoodie

This wonderful jacket should not be called a hoodie because everyone looks at the word “hoodie” and then at the price, and then they just close the page.

Let me break it down for you:

This is a piece of highly technical outerwear. If you buy one you won’t have to get a new jacket thingy for maybe 20 years. If you wouldn’t blink twice to drop $300 on a Patagonia jacket, you shouldn’t blink twice to drop $235 on this jacket.

John from Bluesmiths is probably turning eighty shades of red because we won’t FREAKING SHUT UP about this, but it’s because both Mullets love them. And it’s our blog and we do what we want.

Learn More >>

Anything Season 5

Season Five

I just got the Men’s Phantom Long Sleeve Quarter Zip pullover thingy and it is the bomb. Officially. I need to do a full scale review about it, but the short story is that I wore it over my swimsuit to paddle on a drizzly 49 degree day and I didn’t get cold, I didn’t get wet (water beads and rolls off), and I didn’t get all sweaty either. The inside of the shirt was completely dry when I took it off.

The thing is magic.

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Futures Fin

I really like Futures Fins because they are lightweight and the shapes work well for me. There are all sorts of different varieties. Fins to help you downwind. Fins to help you surf. Fins to help you go straight.

Read this article on fins for the info.


A Bunch of Gu Chomps

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 11.23.07 AM

Gu Chomps make great stocking stuffers! Particularly because they’re not cheap and if you train a lot you probably go through a lot.

Get some gus >>

A Gift Card to a Paddle Shop

DUH! Everyone loves a gift card.

These lovely shops advertise with Distressed Mullet during the year, so please consider them. They all ship!

Stand Up Outfitters

Carolina PaddleBoard Co.

Paddling Paradise


Paddleboard Specialists

Coastal Urge

Paddle Ninja

Half Moon Outfitters


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