Kanahas Bite Sized Guide

We wanted to tell you about a great blog post from Mullet supporters Kanahas. They invited Suzie Cooney, a trainer from Maui who specializes in SUP (and friend of Mullets), among other things, to talk about Downwind SUP and to share a specific exercise for getting more power out of your paddle stroke.

Here’s an excerpt of their blog post:

In this edition of The Bite Sized Guide, we’re excited to feature Suzie Cooney, Naish SUP team rider and owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC. Suzie lives in Maui and is a Certified Personal Trainer. She’s an athlete, water-warrior and one of Maui’s elite fitness professionals specializing in SUP performance training. Visit her at www.suzietrainsmaui.com for more.
Mahalo Suzie!

Downwind SUP: Chasing The Glide
By Suzie Cooney

Aloha! It ís fun to see SO many people wanting to learn the art of downwind paddling! In Maui, Kanaha Beach is where people who are learning often exit and experience this exciting benchmark in their SUP journey. Kanaha literally means turning point in Hawaiian and I’m excited to share these “bite sized” ideas with the Kanahas Ohana readers who are anxious to up their game with this insanely fun element of SUP.

To get your new exercise move, check out their blog >>

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