Katie Collins SUP Yoga Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar Basics – Sun Salutation A

By: BOGAYOGA ambassador Katie Collins

Grab your board and BEGIN

Surya Namaskar Basics - Sun Salutaion ASometimes the hardest part is waking up…loading the board and driving to the lake, but then I find my intention “wake up an hour early to live an hour more.”

Tadasana: Mountain Pose

SUP YOGA Tadasana. Mountain poseThe most grounding position there is on a paddleboard. Tadasana teaches me to activate. Firm up. Ground down through my toes and start taking deep inhalations and exhalation. Even and equal. How deep can I breathe today? Rise the arms up over head on your next deep inhalation.

Uttanasana: forward fold

SUP YOGA,  forward fold (uttanasana)Exhale & take a forward fold ( uttanasana). Bow to the earth. Bow to the support of calm waters beneath you.

Arda Uttanasana

SUP YOGA arda uttanasanaInhale and press your fingertips deep into the board (arda uttanasana) Let your drishti settle towards the nose of the board. Relax your eyes. Slight smile.

Chataraunga Dandasana

SUP Yoga Chataraunga DandasanaChataraunga Dandasana on your exhalation. Floating to the back of the board, I firm up my elbows towards my body and root down through the balls of my feet.

Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (upward facing dog)

SUP YOGA, Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (upward facing dog)Inhale and press back through your toes to come to the tops of your feet. Simultaneously, press down through your hands and draw your shoulders back to open your chest towards the sky, letting the inhalation expand your heart. Activate your feet and legs to lift up your kneecaps, thighs, and hips.

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)

SUP Yoga, Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-Facing Dog Pose)Exhale, tuck your toes under, and use the strength of your core to pull your hips up and back. Establish a foundation with the board. Settle and breathe deep through the nose. Equal and even breaths for five. When you are ready gaze forward and walk towards the middle of the board. Take a deep inhalation and meet your gaze back into tadasana. Strong and steady. Wake up and live.

About Katie Collins

About Katie Collins

Albany native Katie Collins teaches a strong vinyasa flow with focus on foundation and alignment, making balancing and inversions more accessible, mindful and most importantly, fun! Katie completed her 200 hour YTT in the summer of 2013 under the guidance of Justin Wolfer and quickly learned what it meant to embrace her practice with mind, body and SOUL! Katie is currently advancing onto her 500 hour YTT in the summer/fall of 2015. Along with the physical practice and teachings of yoga, Katie also has a passion for holistic living and health from her stand point as a new graduate nurse. Her yoga classes are a dynamic flow that will incorporate human body awareness with a sprinkle of strong core work, flexibility, and the journey towards inversions. Katie has been published in Elephant Journal, Spotify, (AND NOW DISTRESSED MULLET) and also serves as a brand ambassador for BOGA paddleboards, Jade Yoga Mats, and GTS clothing.

Connect with Katie here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katiecollinsyoga/

Instagram @katietheyogi

Twitter at @katietheyogi



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