By John Ahern

With the rise of trackers such as Fitbit and apps such as Map My Run, it felt as if watersports were being left behind.

Enter the Paddle Logger App!Paddle Logger App Review

I discovered Paddle Logger a few months ago and after a few minutes of exploring the app features, I was excited to find what I had been looking for. David Walker, the app creator, is a young paddler looking to improve the sport. Paddle Logger was released earlier this year and I can tell you it does not disappoint. I never head out for a paddle without turning it on.

Since David is ingrained into the SUP community, he is in constant conversation with users, thus leading to a very organic development for the app, which keeps the user’s feedback as a priority. One of my favorite features of the app is the ability to delay. When you open the app before paddling you are invited to set a delay. This simple yet unique feature means you can set up the app and give yourself time to stow your device and then get out through the surf or get on to your craft ready to go. When the app is ready to begin tracking you are notified with a beep or a vibration.

The intuitive design of the app means it is incredibly accessible. The large start/pause button makes it easy to use in cold conditions or if you stow your phone on your arm. For each journey you get a comprehensive log including a page of trip details (with editable notes section), a trip map and trip photo gallery. With continued use you have amassed a comprehensive digital logbook so you can revisit past trips, see how each trip is different, or simply just share and compare with your friends. You have the option to share everything on any social media network for bragging rights or to share a new route you found.  Paddle Logger Start ScreenThe recent addition of an in-depth filing system has made the app even more friendly to those on multi day expeditions or in training. The markers feature is a great training and expedition aid. This feature is recommended for use as a lap timer or to record distances on a long paddle.Paddle Logger Journey PicturesPaddle Logger Journey Logs

Do you have a regular route and wonder how far it is or how long it takes you to travel between two particular points? Did you hit a milestone during your paddle?

You can drop a pin at the beginning and the end of the section, or simply mark halfway. If undergoing performance training in laps, you can drop a pin at the end of every lap and compare your speed and time for each section. Markers are also a great way to break up a trip in terms of upwind and downwind.


This enables you to know your exact distance and time in each direction, allowing you to really see how affected you are by the conditions.

Paddle Logger Trip Details

In your trip details you are then able to interrogate the markers either in a list or on the map to get accurate data about the times and distances between the pins.

I can’t say enough great things about this app and how it has enriched my paddles. I use the makers to time sections while doing intervals which I can then easily see if I am improving. I also recently used it for a blue moon social paddle just to see how far and when we roamed. I highly recommend you give it a try like hundreds of other have and I know you will love it!

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John Ahern is a Paddle Logger product ambassador and team rider for the Paddle Logger app.

Make sure your phone is in a waterproof case!


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