Sup mind body spirit survey

Mullet Central got this note  from SUP Nurse Sue, who is doing research on the effects of stand up paddling on the mind, body and spirit. We’re guessing she’ll simply quantify what we already know, so let’s help give her the data!

SUP Nurse Sue writes:

I am hoping to obtain at least 100 respondents but the more the merrier for
a ‘descriptive’ statistical analysis. All data will be extrapolated from
the cross sectional survey. The survey will be open for respondents until

In order to draw conclusions about the relationship between variables, I
will conduct qualitative research via telephone interviews with five
participants. The participants will be chosen from each area of the
country. My research project should be completed by the end of the summer.
Thanks again for your support!
Btw, I just receive the Mullet Magazine! You and your staff have done a
tremendous job! Way to go John!!

SUP Nurse Sue

Take the survey!