They Know About Us

Three years ago I started the 100/100 Facebook paddle challenge group simply to find training partners for a new to me sport, standup paddling. I didn’t have any clue or perspective for paddling. Was an hour long, was 4 mph fast or was it slug slow? Was I supposed to go into the wind or always have it at my back? What should I wear, what if I have to tinkle, or worse? What the heck was a beach start, surf break, there’s surf break!? I needed some answers to my personal queries; I needed friends who wouldn’t laugh at these questions! Boom, the 100/100 paddle challenge group was born and structured around 100 day challenges.

It became a resource for me and so much more than just a virtual training group. It’s morphed from 30 original members to just fewer than 800 paddling best friends. This group motivated me to race, train, travel, try different boards or boats and just get on the water every single day; making me laugh at myself (and others), cry, suck it up and sometimes just chill. It has been an honor and a privilege to lead the challenges and the ever growing 100/100 family.

We have stickers, signage, stick-art and our own vernacular. Distressed Mullet helped us get t-shirts and hats. Carolina Paddleboard Company gave us special discounts. We’ve become a phenomenon; we’ve become fabulous; they know about us in Kansas, Thailand, Canada and Brazil. Everyone in the group is a part of something amazing.

End of an Era

So, it is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided it’s time for me to step away from the 100/100 group and I will be closing the group after the next final challenge. It is a very difficult decision that I’ve made, but I believe it’s the right decision. The group was a closed group with people believing their profiles would be kept private, giving the group away would mean I would violate that trust. After three years, it’s simply time for me to step back and refocus on other life responsibilities. I’ve met my shelf life date. I’m certain the 100/100 family is not over; it’s just time for me to become just a paddler and let what I’ve started reset and recharge.

I sincerely thank all of the 100/100 for the support, commitment, camaraderie and free fun they infused this group with. And lest not forget, there is ONE MORE CHALLENGE to complete this year. I ask that all throw your self’s fully into the next challenge and give it all you’ve got. Let’s go out on a high note and give it our best.

Again, thank you, I am so proud of what we’ve all accomplished together.

Three Times a Charm Just Paddles Challenge

Now….One more challenge y’all. It’s made to be achievable. It’s a Three Time’s a Charm Challenge. Math is involved. It’s Just Paddles. It might be confusing, it might not. Let’s do it!

July 24th to October 31, 2016

“Just Paddles” “100 Just Paddles” in 100 Days

Here’s the math: each paddle counts as 3 paddles (you know 3 years in a row)

1 Paddle = 3 “JP’s”

Get it? You need 33 + 1 paddles in 100 days to get 100 JP’s in 100 days.

Next Step for the 100/100 Challenge: Life Paddles On After Halloween

There is a new 100/100 Challenge set up at:

It is a closed group, just like this group. You have to request entry. We are observing the same rules and vibe as the original version. We only want people who paddle and are engaged in the sport and the community. Standup Paddleboards, Prone Paddleboards, OCs, Surfskis are all welcome. We have a zero tolerance policy for abusive comments or behavior. No politics. No mean people. No creepy people. Just stoke and fun. We plan on changing NOTHING from the original group or design. Same sponsors. Sale Participants. The only difference is the absence of Julie at the wheel. However, her spirit lives on in the 100/100 and hopefully, we can entice her to keep paddling, free from the shackles of responsibility.

What you have to do: Just request to join. We won’t start posting until after October 31. Thank you for being a part of this group.