According to Annabel Anderson, competitors completed day one of competition at the Japan Cup in Chigasaki only to find themselves start to feel unwell, some with difficulty breathing and burning sensations that intensified for many throughout the night. Some competitors ended up having to go to the hospital for treatment.

After investigation, the symptoms were allegedly caused by the race jerseys, which were coated with a type of “toxic bleach.”

According to Annael Anderson’s instagram account (follow her on instagram @annabelanderson), racers were given the option to stop the event but decided to race on day two and make the best of things.

We saw a video of Annabels burns this morning and she is healing well, but they are significant.

We hope the competitors heal up soon.

Yesterday something happened that was an event director’s worst nightmare. After yesterday’s long course race many people started to feel sick, feel a burning sensation, have trouble breathing etc. my stomach felt like it was on fire and got worse as the night wore on. It turned out that the race jersey’s were coated in toxic bleach. That burning sensation was a pretty significant chemical burn across my abdomen, arms and neck. Many ended up in hospital last night. But this AM we all rallied. We were given the option to continue the event or stop. It was a resounding “LET’S RACE”. The show went on and despite a dire situation this afternoon was an epic show of beach racing for a crowded beach. Sometimes sh*t happens and it’s not always pleasant but we have a choice in how we deal with it. Today I chose to eat some concrete and harden up. I’m glad I did. To everyone who helped patch me up and ensured that the show-carried-on regardless of what had happened, you’re all champions. Sh*t happened and we rose to the occasion. Thank you to all who made this event what it was. I sure as heck don’t think I’ll be forgetting this one for a while #thankyou #thejapancup #legends #shithappens #suckitupprincess #theshowgoeson

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