Are you a moderator or an abstainer? Amy Beausang examines how discovering that personality trait can be a key to making sure your nutrition is dialed in as an athlete in her blog post “Why Eating in Moderation Might not Work for You.”

“I have spent an enormous amount of energy in the past trying to eat certain things in ‘moderation,’” Amy writes. “Lots of nutrition experts say that we should follow the “80/20” rule (eat “healthy” 80% of the time and “indulge sensibly” 20% of the time), or even have a ‘cheat day’ every now and then so you don’t feel deprived. This strategy may work GREAT if you are a moderator. This simply doesn’t work for me, personally, and I often felt like a failure because I didn’t do something “in moderation”. Like something must be wrong with me because I find it easier NOT to have chocolate in the house, than to keep it there, but only eat a little on occasion.”

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