SUP Racing Technique

Improve Your SUP Racing Technique with Seychelle

Perennial Top 10 standup paddle racer, SIC Maui team rider and Paddle Monster Coach Seychelle will lead a clinic at this year’s Carolina Cup on SUP racing and technique. She’ll cover a wide range of topics during her session, including:  

  • Improving stroke efficiency for speed and endurance
  • Proper training, and recovery for paddlers.
  • Racing tactics and strategies
  • Starts, drafting, finishing strong
  • Q & A session (nutrition, strength training, distance paddling, sprints, buoy turns, etc.)

SUP Racing Technique

Seychelle is one of the most engaging racers and instructors we know, so we thought we’d ask her a few questions about her approach to teaching clinics.

What is your favorite part about teaching a clinic like the Paddle Monster clinic you’ll be doing at the Carolina Cup?

My favorite part is when you know you truly helped someone.When you see those “Ah ha!” moments people have. And they don’t realise their face lights up and you know they just got something. I love it especially when I know it is someone who has paddled with pain and I can help alleviate a lot of that for them with corrected technique.

Ideally, what kind of paddler would benefit most from your session?

My clinics are for all levels and I welcome and do my best to teach to the entire spectrum of skill levels. But the paddlers who will get the most out of my clinic are probably ones who are not complete beginners, but are already racing and training a bit and are ready to set some goals in the sport. Any kind of goal, a bucket list race, a podium finish. When you have goals or a reason you desire to improve, you will get more out of your training.

What do you think is the biggest challenge new paddlers have when they start racing?

Gosh, that’s a tough one. There can be so many challenges. It really depends on the person, their age, their support system. I’ll tell you one challenge they don’t have is having a good time!

Is there a consistent question or concern that your students always seem to come to your clinic and ask about?

Definitely. The requests I get most often are, “I want to Paddle more efficiently,” and “I want to work on my turns.” So we always work on those things. My clinics are largely focused on proper stroke technique. The thing about learning to turn is, you’ve got to be willing to fall in, and almost no one ever is, unless I am teaching back home in the Keys.


Clinic Details

Register online

All levels Welcome
Date: 4/20/18
Time: 12:00 – 2:00 PM
Location: Meet at the Blockade Runner Lobby 10 minutes before the start time
Info: Bring board, paddle, pfd, water

*All clinic participants will receive a 14 day free trial to sign up for online training with me at!*


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