Gorge Downwind Championships

From Carter Johnson:


Wednesday Dinner – 5 to 7 pm at the Downwind Village –  

        BLUE meal ticket only. They are good as cash

        You can buy directly from vendor if you need or lost a ticket



        Race Jerseys MANDATORY race day !!!!

        It could be BIG this year. know your ability. DO NOT endanger other participants by starting race if you believe you will need to be rescued.  Rescue may only be able to save you. Not your boat


Race Day will be Announced 10am the day before. Here is our current speculation from the Meteorologist


Latest from Temiera – The Gorge is my Gym

I think Thursday will be excellent. Sunday’s a no-go. Models are still shaking out the details for Saturday, but it doesn’t look as windy as Thursday or perhaps Friday.  

I’m acting on the assumption that you want as much wind as possible.



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