Gorge Downwind Championships

We got wind, but the timing company had issues with the results yesterday, pushing the awards to Friday at 5:30. They changed the start and the start order. I’ve been a race director and there are some things timing companies can’t comprehend and having different classes, age groups, then launching in waves can leave even the best of companies with spinning rainbow balls instead of eyes. Even without immediate results, the race was amazing. Awe inspiring. The winds were gusting to 40 creating waves that could make a OC2 disappear between peaks.

The Following top finishers results are from the Gorge Downwind Championships Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GorgeDownwindChamps/

According to the event, “We had over 20 successful swimmers in the water from safety boats. The back of the pack chase alone racked 9 times the Frog man had to jump in…there were 11 safety boats on the water making sure this crew was safe.”

The conditions were extreme or “Nuking” by Gorge standards. Participants who were not supremely confident they could remount were asked not to enter the water. In the end, 290 of the over 750 paddlers did not start the race. That might sound bad, but really, it contributed to the safety and longevity of the event.

Top finishers

Surfski male

1) Kenny Rice
2) Cory ‘Chill’ Hill
3) Mackenzie Hynard
4) Austin Kieffer
5) Patrick Dolan

Surfski female

1) Naomi Flood
2 ) Teneale Hatton
3) Ana Swetish ( u18 )
4) Rachel Clarke
5) Michele Eray

Oc1 male

1) Kua Nolan
2) Will Reichenstein
3) Kaihe Chong

Oc2 Female

1) Lindsey Shank
2) Brandy Cumin
3) Anna Mathisen

Sup female

1) Fiona Wylde
2) Hannah Hill
3) Angie jackson

Sup male

1) Chase Kosterlitz
2) Paul Jackson
3) jarkko Simmons

Here are a few posts from yesterday, straight out of Insta



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