Josh Smart paddles a 14×24-1/4 NSP Carolina out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. There are many fitness fanatics in our sport. Josh has to be at the apex of that group. His positive attitude and kindness towards others embody what paddling is all about. We are huge fans.

Josh Smart, NSP

Where is your favorite place to paddle?

This is a tough one for me because I have so many favorites it is hard to choose just one. One of my favorite places to paddle is in the Exuma’s Bahamas. The water is clear like pool water. You can find any kind of conditions you want and even feed the pigs or swim with the sharks from your board. I also love training in Port Everglades. I am able to get off my dock and paddle out the port and back for many of my training days. It offers a lot of challenging conditions from boat wakes, etc.

What is your favorite event and why?

One of my favorite races is the Carolina Cup. The turn out is always top notch from paddlers all over the world. You get to see old friends and meet new ones. The graveyard is always a tough race but offers a variety of conditions. It is fun to work on certain skills and then see them pay off at a race like this one. If you want to meet people from all over the world who share the same passion for water sports then this is a race you should check out.

What is your favorite paddling moment and why?

I would have to say that one my favorite paddling moments just happened. I just got back from a trip to Greece. I decided to bring my inflatable NSP O2 Race board with me on the trip since I knew that it would be nearly impossible to rent a board at the locations I was headed. When I got to Mykonos, I quickly realized that the constant North wind of 25-35mph every day was perfect for downwinding. So I talked with a couple locals to find a good place to start. I had a perfect course mapped out now it was time to do it. I was a little nervous simply because I haven’t done a ton of true downwinders, and i definitely didn’t use an inflatable. After a few minutes into the paddle I started relaxing and the glides came. The inflatable board was doing great and I was flying in the wind. I was exploring the Aegean Sea while doing something I loved. Before you know it I was at the end of the course and came into the beach. Many locals approached me wanting to know where I came from and what kind of board I had. They do a lot of kite boarding there but many of them haven’t seen a paddleboard.

Do you have a bucket list event?

I have a couple bucket list races that I really want to attend. One of them is The Gorge Paddle Challenge, in Hood River. The other one is the Molokai (Molokai 2 Oahu)Race in Hawaii.

What are you grateful for?

I am grateful for my health and the ability it gives me to live an active lifestyle. They go hand in hand, and if I can help others feel better about themselves and accomplish their own goals then life is good. My little brother has had a lot of health issues for several years and he was stuck in a hospital bed at times. When I would be out training on the water or just doing a sunset paddle I would wish that my brother could experience it with me.

Advice or tips for paddlers?

The more you paddle the more comfortable you will get so just enjoy the process. Take paddle clinics or do online training (Paddle Monster). Do not give yourself excuses not to get on the water. If you have to get better board racks for your car then do that, etc. Also, go outside your comfort zone and you just might surprise yourself. Most importantly have fun with it, and yes you are going to be sore plenty of times…


If you find yourself wanting to paddle more but don’t have the time to get on the water or you live in a cold climate, there are a lot of land based workouts you can do to improve certain skills. Stay tuned for my product launch that can help you do just this…..

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