Not many of you know this, but the Mullet is a labor of love, not a money-making powerhouse. At one point, we had over 24 advertisers and we are down to 3. No longer are there freelance writers/contributors/editors and programmers. It’s the nature of the industry. We’ve let staff go. We’ve been unable to do basic upgrades to the site.

Even after 10 years and over 13,000 posts on paddling and paddlers, we still get 500-1000 unique visitors per day, reached 5 Million on Facebook alone last year, and have been SUP Blog of the year for 2 of the past 3 years. We still crank out posts every day, sometimes twice per day and still provide free classifieds for everyday padders. When paddlers are in need, we help. We always have helped wherever and whenever we can.

But we need your support

In order to keep going, to be one of the storytellers of our paddle community, we need some help from you, the end user.

First, if you paddle and enjoy the Mullet, buy a sticker or shirt or magnet or this week, a kick ass hoodie. Buy Something at the Mullet Shop. It’s not a lot, and we don’t make a lot on each item, but it helps pay for servers and security, things that break. It helps us tell your story.If you’re a shop that has inventory, sign up to sell your used boards and equipment on the Mullet. It’ll give you national exposure for your local shop and inventory. It helps us bring eyeballs and buyers to your gear. Contact me.

If you list a classified ad, please consider paying the $20 to feature it and it’ll go out to 500 paddler on the CHUM, be shared on Social media and have a featured listing.

If you sold something on the Mullet or just want to contribute, please consider leaving a tip:

Pick the Amount of Support

If you are an event, list it on our calendar. The fee goes to helping spread the word about your event and to keep our servers running We can make a huge impact on registration numbers. Contact me

If you’re a company or event, sponsor the CHUM Newsletter that goes to 500 paddlers or advertise. reach out to me. Or if you need help on the content, design, or social media side, we can help. Contact me

And if you’re a media company that has a tech staff, servers, and wants more eyeballs, reach out to me about working together. We’re looking for new options, looking to pivot. Contact me

And if you just want to support the mullet each week, consider being a subscriber fo $3 per month and I’ll send you a sticker as a thank you.

Anything we generate from this post, purchases, is going back into the Mullet to make needed upgrades.

Thank you,

John Beausang[email protected]
Distressed Mullet
Mullet Shop:



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