Gorge Downwind Championships

Heads up. If you’re heading out to the Gorge, get your spot. It’s primarily Surfski and OC, but there was a strong SUP contingency last year and it’s a phenomenal week.

Here’s the note from Carter:

Due to space restrictions we will sell out at 600spots.  There will be 150 additional spots on reserve for pro paddlers from our sponsors as well as non-North American athletes that reach out to us individually.


Lead Volunteers Needed

–          Free Lodging / Glamping at the Vortex Downwind Retreat, Guaranteed entry, More

–          Inquire with us if interested.

Please remember PFD, leash, high vis jersey and buddy every time.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on the water in the Gorge as well as around the world for years to come.

Major Thanks from our entire team.

Carter Johnson


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