Point to Point

This is a list of the top, Bucket list paddleboard, OC, surfski and prone/traditional paddleboard races that go from point to point on a river, but not included in the Best of Paddle Races Crossings Bucket List. Again, this is based on absolute scientific uncertainty as it’s all subjective. Make suggestions and I’ll add them if they make sense. As the Mullet gains some support from events, like these, maybe I’ll be able to afford a way to vote up and down, organize by difficulty, destination, enjoyment, or overall cost. Or maybe I’ll keep it as my list. We’ll see. For now, if I’m buying the cake, I’m choosing chocolate. Some are races I’d paddled. Some are races I will paddle. Some are races I will only read about on Facebook. But all have my respect. If you like what you see, make a donation to the Mullet here. Buy me a cup of coffee so I can write more, post more, and faster.



  1. Chattajack :: Chattanooga, TN to Hale’s Bar, Jasper, TN :: USA :: 31 Miles :: All Crafts :: October 26, 2019 :: Paddled and Loved this on SUP, 2x on OC-1
  2. SUP 11-City Tour :: Friesland :: Netherlands :: 220 KM :: SUP and Prone/Traditional Paddleboard :: September 7-8, 11-15, 2019 :: Want to paddle this some day
  3. MR340 (Missouri American Water MR340 Paddle Race) :: Missouri :: 340 Miles :: All Crafts :: July 16-19, 2019 ::Want to paddle this some day
  4. Yukon River Quest :: Dyea to Dawson City :: Yukon :: Canada:: 715 kilometers (444 miles) :: June 26-30, 2019 :: Canoe, Kayak, SUP
  5. Corinth Canal SUP Crossing :: Canal of Corinth :: Greece :: 6.343 K :: SUP :: Usually October :: Want to paddle this some day
  6. R2AK (Race to Alaska) :: Port Townsend, Washington to Ketchikan, AK :: USA :: 710 miles :: June 3, 2019 ::Want to paddle this before I die. One word: Orcas.
  7. OluKai Ho’olaule’a :: Maui from Maliko Gulch to Kanaha Beach Park :: Hawaii :: USA :: Usually in April, can’t find an updated site at this time :: Lisa goes. I will make it here to paddle with Jeremy Riggs and Suzie Cooney some day.
  8. SEVENTY48 :: Tacoma to Port Townsend Washington :: USA :: 70 miles, 48 hours to complete :: 5/31/19
  9. Everglades Challenge :: Tampa Bay to Key Largo,Florida, 300 miles in 8 days or less :: March 02, 2019


Something to keep in mind when viewing this list as a race director is there may be a race like your own that is outside your world. Pay attention to the dates. Most of the endurance races occur in the later parts of the season so people can train all year for it. You can already see date conflicts in the above races making those who want the crossings or point to point challenges have to choose. Something to ponder.

Remember, this is a list in progress of established races. I know I’m missing a LOT, which is why I’m crowdsourcing this. I may have left off some favorites, some not favorites, but neither omissions are personal or intentional. Send me options here on the post, not on a facebook message, email, text message, or comment on a facebook shared post. Comment on this actual blog post please. I will be updating this list and adding more as I get comments and feedback. Remember, this is out of love, so when you suggest, be kind. If I get a Twitter-ish snarky comment, I’ll delete it and you from the users. Virtual smoting. This is a STOKE ONLY ZONE. And I love paddling, so be nice. We list out of respect and love.



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