Grom Team Rider Miles SUP Slalom by Badfish SUP

Miles takes a run through the kayak slalom course on his Badfish 7'6 MVP

New Mullet Correspondents: Welcome Aboard, Harrison and Jules!

The Mullet Family just got bigger!! We are so stoked to announce that two fresh voices will now be regularly heard here on the Distressed Mullet. Harrison Deisroth and Julieta (Jules) Gismondi are coming on board as of this month.  Harrison will be helping us...

ACA Whitewater SUP Instructor Certification Workshop

This is a video highlighting a Whitewater SUP Certification Workshop offered by the American Canoe Association (ACA) at the U.S. National Whitewater Center. This course was led by C4 Waterman's own Charlie MacArthur and ACA staff Trey Knight. To learn more about this all...

Check out Rincon Beachboy SUP Race X

Check out the event on Facebook here

Annabel Anderson Tahiti Girl Power!

Fun with the gals. Everyone in Tahiti has been bitten by the downwind bug! Video of Annabel Anderson by Thierry Ching

How You Know You’re Training for Chattajack

Dottie Hodges
When training for any endurance event, as things gear up, you could say life changes a little. The following are a few recent observations of said changes, with thanks to the Chattajack Back of the Pack community for sharing theirs ;). You know you’re training...

We just want to say that Mickey Muñoz is amazing

Mike Muir from Riviera Paddle Surf sent me this photo this morning. What a gift. "We should all aspire to be doing what Mickey is doing at 76." I'm a huge Mickey Muñoz fan, and not just because he was Gidget's stunt double. He's everything that's awesome about the...

Spencer Lacy on Skookumchuck

The legendary Skookumchuck rapids are on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. They are not on a river. The current that flows through the narrows changes on schedule with the moon. During the peak flow, a monstrous standing wave forms. I surfed this wave...

Paddleboarding The Upper Green River

Green River Games Athletes Ben Moore and Trey Knight give us a tour featuring SUP on the Upper Green River in Saluda NC.

Uluwatu 2014 Prone Paddleboard Surfing by Rhys Burrows

Video of Rhys Burrows lighting it up—cutback after cutback—while Prone Paddleboard Surfing in Uluwatu 2014 "Pretty much just cut backs, but oh well..twas fun. Excuse some of the filming, probably our drivers first time handling a camera." Music - Hilltop Hoods - Nosebleed Recharged - youcantleavethisempty Follow...

Standup Paddle Board Adventure In the Land of Big Salmon and Lewis and Clark

Flying down the Columbia River from Stevenson, Washington to Bonneville Dam.

Yukon SUP Adventure Trip Recap

Yukon SUP Adventure
While Ben and Kim were on the Yukon SUP Adventure we reported on their whereabouts, activities, and wildlife spotted along the way. All we knew was what I got from brief phone calls placed, usually, by Kim floating on her board in the middle...

North Shore Hawaii Prone Paddleboard Downwind Lachie Lansdown

try prone paddling
Looks like Lachie Lansdown and Jack Bark were having a blast on the North Shore doing downwinders on their Bark Commander Stock Prone Paddleboards.  

View from the Back: Fitness with Chris

Chris Aguilar Prone
[EDITOR'S NOTE: I share my column space with only one other person. My brotha from anotha motha, Chris Aguilar. Please welcome him back, writing-wise. Great story! ~Katie) Yesterday my mom was telling me about two of her staff who just got into SUP and that...

Chase, Belar and Arthur survive a close call on the Oregon Coast

Chase Kosterlitz, Belar Diaz, and Arthur Daniel had a harrowing experience on the Oregon Coast this week. These are three incredible capable, intelligent and experienced watermen who survived a really dangerous situation. To know something like this can happen to anyone is a lesson for us...

Advanced River SUP Surfing Tips from Badfish

Badfish SUP/Boardworks Surf Pro Mike Tavares takes you through some advanced river surfing tricks on his Badfish 6'11 River Surfer. Be sure to watch the basic river surfing video first.

Another Casualty – Watch Over Your Ohana and Don’t Take Safety for Granted

It's with incredible sadness that another friend in our paddle community, Josh Hensley, has passed. After another paddle death, the community world-wide mourns. We just can’t believe that it happened. Regardless if you knew Josh or not, you mourn. You wonder if it could...

Mind Body Sup Connection? Take This Survey!

Sup mind body spirit survey
Mullet Central got this note  from SUP Nurse Sue, who is doing research on the effects of stand up paddling on the mind, body and spirit. We're guessing she'll simply quantify what we already know, so let's help give her the data! SUP Nurse Sue...

CLIF Organic Energy Food Review

  There are 4 CLIF Organic Energy Food flavors, 2 sweet and 2 savory. Sweet: Banana Mango w/ Coconut and Banana Beet w/Ginger Savory: Sweet Potato w/ Sea Salt and Pizza Margherita Yes, they look like baby food. Yes, they taste sort of like baby food. BUT, they are made for adults, for endurance training...

A Chance Encounter with History

Imagine you are out for a late afternoon/early evening sunset paddle in your home waters...maybe somewhere on the East Coast where the turning Autumn trees still have a bit of brilliant fall color lingering in their leaves, and the marsh grasses are subtly morphing...

SUP-n-Surf Retreat with Sean Poynter and Ian Cairns

Sean Poynter Sean Poynter, a two-time ISA SUP Surfing Gold Medalist, top competitor on the Stand Up World Tour, host of numerous SUP clinics, and creator of the online “SUP Surf Tips” series is now partnering with his longtime coach Ian Cairns to co-host the...

What’s In Your First Aid Kit?

We all know we should have one, and maybe you carry a first aid kit (FAK) in your car, or you have one in your backpack, or maybe under the sink at home. But trust me, you will never realize how much you need...

Mississippi Source to Sea Solo Expedition Underway

LouAnne Harris Raises fund for Rivers for Change We were first inspired by the dynamic duo of LouAnne Harris and Jules Gismondi - the Atlantic SuperGirls - about four years ago when they paddled from New York City to Miami. Harris has recently embarked on...

How To Do Headstand 2 Ways on a Paddleboard

From San Diego Paddle Yoga For more information, go to: http://sandiegopaddleyoga.com

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