The First Annual Epic Mulletkai Meetup: A fun paddle, run, paddle

James Bain texted me this week. "Are you up for a challenge?" "Sure." That's how crazy things tend to start. "We do a graveyard paddle on Saturday, followed by the half marathon, followed by a graveyard paddle. Kind of our version of what they do in Catalina." You see, we've...

We just want to say that Mickey Muñoz is amazing

Mike Muir from Riviera Paddle Surf sent me this photo this morning. What a gift. "We should all aspire to be doing what Mickey is doing at 76." I'm a huge Mickey Muñoz fan, and not just because he was Gidget's stunt double. He's everything that's awesome about the...


Twas the night before a Distressed Christmas
Here is a "Twas the Distressed night before Christmas" adaptation by Lew Pavlovich, submitted by Julie Nicholls. Awesome. We hope you all have happy, healthy, paddle-filled holidays. Thanks Lew and Julie! We really appreciate the support and unfettered flow of aloha. —The Mullet

Halloween Standup Paddleboard Fun

FREAKY FLOTILLA Check out more photos and tag yourself on Carolina Paddleboard Company's Facebook page here Fun stuff from Instagram and beyond Olaf and the hotdog paddleboard sesh. #paddleboard #paddleboarding #SUP #sunrisepaddleboards #SOFLO #standuppaddleboard #suplife #watersports #suptime #supfun #supforsale #floridasaltlife #isup #ipaddleboard #supyoga #paddleboardyoga #supinstructor #paddleboardinstructor #myjob...

Starboard SUP Polo The future of SUP

A worlds first, Starboard have launched the first SUP Polo field to host the game in full action. Connor Baxter and Chris Parker from SUPracer.com tested the field with the first match in Bangkok. See Polo boards here : http://star-board-sup.com/2016/boards... See Polo paddles here :http://star-board-sup.com/2016/paddle... For full...

Riding SUPsquatch, what it’s like to be on a huge inflatable SUP in surf for normal humans

Ever wonder what it's like when normal non-pipeline surfing paddlers take out an inflatable SUP for a little fun in hurricane waves? This is a great quick video from Jimmy Dunn on a the SUPsquatch— a party barge/stand-up paddleboard. They took it out in...

Ridiculously Awesome Rollerskate-Surfing on a Stand Up Paddle Board At Capitola

This is a laugh out loud video about two grown men who try to wear roller skates while trying to Stand Up Paddle Board. What they get up to is amazing and the fact they manage to surf a little is unbelievable. The physics...

Carolina Paddlin’ – Episode 10 Outrigger Episode

The maniacs at Carolina Paddleboard Company are back at it. This time it's on outriggers with Johnny Puakea.


Interview with Shane Ebrahimi of SHABOOMEE SUP in colorado answering the question, "What is SHABOOMEE!?" from the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Utah. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT SHABOOMEE SUP On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scareemary Go to http://www.shaboomee.com/ On twitter: https://twitter.com/shaboomee FOR MORE GEAR AND EVENT SUP INFO, FOLLOW THE MULLET On Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/supmullet On Instagram:...

Severe Pancake Warning for Maine Very Soon

This is from my favorite amateur weatherman: Frankie rocks it. Dogsandwolves Severe Pancake Warning Is in effect for the State Of Maine and it will bring a ton of Pancakes and it will hit Portland Maine Including Restaurants, Bangor Maine and New Brunswick and People...


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