Sternwheel SUP Surfing

Sternwheel SUP Surfing the Columbia Gorge with Mike Tavares and Dan Gavere. Mike T was surfing the Badfish 12.6 MVP by Boardworks Surf. The sternwheel allows for up to 2 hours of continuous surfing if the conditions are right and you are up to...

Epic Mullet Domination at the Payette River Games

Dr Leif Keeps the Mullet alive at the Payette River Games in Cascade, Idaho.

Ha ha need sleep

The Mullets have been doing some server maintenance this week and that's kept them up past their bedtimes. (Well, John, anyway. I have no excuse other than reading crap on my phone until way late.) So this morning when I was looking around at...

Quickblade: How a paddle shaft breaks

Often we get the email from paddlers saying "I was paddling and my shaft snapped" - in about 99% of the cases, it was not the shaft randomly snapping..but something that could have happened long before. In this video, Jim Terrell shows how a...

Pockets Full of Sand: Bodysurfing on July 4th

When the surf zones are packed, grab the hand plane and fins, bodysurf, and become one of the torpedo people in Wrightsville Beach, NC

April’s Viral Lost GoPro Video

The video that was heard around the world. Well, until Vimeo took it down. April is currently in India, and reporting in occasionally on what she's doing. A week or so ago she lost her GoPro while surfing. The camera stayed on for four...

The next BIG thing in SUP… Monster SUP Relay in Costa Brava Spain

The Starboard crew unleashes the next BIG thing in the world of Stand Up Paddle at the World dealer meeting in Costa Brava Spain, September 2014.

SUP POLO: Coming to lake near you?

SUP Polo World Games Mexico - Highlights Day 1 from Paddle Surf Mexico  

Another Olympic Gold Medalist turns to SUP for cross training: Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan SUP
Alex Morgan from the US Soccer Women's National Team is another on a long list of celebrity athletes who have looked to stand up paddle boarding for cross training and fun. This first shot is of her having fun on Thursday afternoon on her Surftech Bark Contender. I...

Severe Pancake Warning for Maine Very Soon

This is from my favorite amateur weatherman: Frankie rocks it. Dogsandwolves Severe Pancake Warning Is in effect for the State Of Maine and it will bring a ton of Pancakes and it will hit Portland Maine Including Restaurants, Bangor Maine and New Brunswick and People...

SUP Pup of the Week! SHREDDER

Shredder has gone from no water to only water in a few months.  He wants to be the first dog to win a US title and design a dog only SUP in 2014." keep an eye out for this SUPing Pup. Mike Tavares and...

Photo Gallery: Winter Wonderland

Winter Paddle Warriors The members of the Paddle Monster 100 Day Paddle Challenge Facebook group are a hearty bunch! Here are just a few examples of these paddle warriors battling the elements on what has already been called one of the coldest winters in quite...

HULA: Art from a SUP

Sean Yoro the NY artist known as #hula paints amazing portraits from his #paddleboard on abandoned, broken walls-- article from the Huffington Post, written by Carla Herreria. The portraits are simply spectacular. I can't imagine paddling past these hauntingly beautiful women emerging from the...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: “Paddlesourcing”

There’s crowd-sourcing, out-sourcing and bob-sourcing; now there’s paddle-sourcing. It may not be an actual Webster defined term, but who cares, I just made it up. By my own definition, it’s the act of using online SUP resources to figure out how-to and where-to paddle...

How to Sup with your pup…..Advice from Mike Tavares and Shredder

Mike Tavares has launched his new website, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. One of his first posts is a collab with SupConnect explaining how to get your Best Friend out paddling with you. Shredder put much of this down on the page,...

The Dancing Reno: by the Fin Film Company

Next time you're in the same place at the same time with Reno, go meet him. He's awesome.

View from the Back: Fitness with Chris

Chris Aguilar Prone
[EDITOR'S NOTE: I share my column space with only one other person. My brotha from anotha motha, Chris Aguilar. Please welcome him back, writing-wise. Great story! ~Katie) Yesterday my mom was telling me about two of her staff who just got into SUP and that...


As you know, there have been plenty of reports of #nakedLaird popping up all over Pacific and Atlantic. But don't be afraid. While this is a serious matter, apex predators assure us that the chances of having #NakedLaird hop on your back and paddle...

Keely Surf Dog- Stand Up Paddleboarding in Hawaii

Short Description -SUP h20love

Manno PaddleBoarding

What do MotoCross Champs do for recovery?? ..... Go paddle boarding of course. From Ocean Sports Media

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey Grip

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey GRip
For a limited time, Pau Hana Surf Supply will be sending out a free Monkey Grip with every carbon fiber paddle. Warning, monkeys have been known to throw feces. And they tend to grip you, not the paddle. Choose from Howler, Spider or Golden-headed lion tamarin versions. For...

Riding SUPsquatch, what it’s like to be on a huge inflatable SUP in surf for normal humans

Ever wonder what it's like when normal non-pipeline surfing paddlers take out an inflatable SUP for a little fun in hurricane waves? This is a great quick video from Jimmy Dunn on a the SUPsquatch— a party barge/stand-up paddleboard. They took it out in...


The more we get together, Together, together, The more we get together, The happier we'll be. -Raffi On Sunday, I found myself paddling along and humming this tune by the famous Raffi. Of all the songs to get stuck in my head, this Pre-school chart topper was pretty random because my...

Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter Foil Towing with an eBike in Mission Bay

Zane Schweitzer and Connor Baxter Foil pulled a foil board behind an eBike in Mission Bay at the Starboard World Dealer meeting in San Diego. These athletes are always finding new ways to have fun, to push the limits and enjoy the water.  
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