View from the Back: Days of Yore

Freaky Flotilla
"I roll and roll 'till I'm out of luck." ********** Four years ago I started stand up paddleboarding. The featured (above) photo is from the Freaky Flotilla, my first paddle race. I dressed like a kelp forest. I even had inflatable floaty fish. It was boss. After...

Cynthia Aguilar, C2C 11 Mile downwinder

Cynthia Aguilar on a prone paddleboard riding 40 mph gusts during Hurricane Sandy downwinder

Introducing the BARK Commander from Surftech

After years of innovation BARK Paddleboards in partnership with SURFTECH is proud to bring you the long awaited update to their paddleboard line - the BARK Commander. A stock paddleboard shape that has won most of the major races of the last decade

BARK Boot Camp

Learn by osmosis!

View from the Back: Still in the Back

I started writing this post last Saturday when I got back from the Colonial SUP race. I really had the best time. But I was tired. Back in June one of my friends said to me "It's so important to have something that makes you...

A Date with the Strait: Jack Bark, etc.

This past March, Zeb Walsh, Brad Gaul, and Jack Bark took on the challenge of a lifetime. To paddle from Mainland Australia to Tasmania, a 300 kilometer journey through some of the wildest seas in the world. After settling in after completing their world...


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