The Inland Paddler: Of Forecasts, Cell Phones and Death Toads

Sometimes we get complacent. We've paddled the same spot so many times without incident that we could do it with our eyes closed. The one hour workout is so routine, we needn't worry about anything, especially the what ifs. How many times have we...

Lessons from the Water: Archie Kalepa at TEDxMaui 2013

This is a repost for this weekend, but one I LOVE. Recently inducted into the Hawai'i Watermen's Hall of Fame, fifth-generation Lahaina resident and Lahainaluna graduate Archie Kalepa is one of Hawai'i's greatest ocean sports pioneers. A legendary big-wave surfer, Archie is one of a...

Detroit: The next SUP hotspot?

In early 2014, while the City of Detroit struggled through the largest municipal bankruptcy in the history of North America, the gutsy entrepreneurs behind Green Veil Outdoor: Joe Choma, Larry Balone and Shawn Riley decided to double-down and invest in a boutique beach fest...

Inland Paddler: Lisa Schell on her Falls Lake Adventure

I whine a lot about living inland.   No surf, no current, no ocean chop, no downwinders. Can’t really practice for the “real” paddling and racing that takes place on the coast.  Can’t just run out the front door and be on the water in...

Dispatch from the Midwest from Deb Klapperich

Please welcome Deb Klapperich to Distressed Mullet with some pictures and a recap from the recent Stand up Paddle People Battle was held in Zion Il at the Illinois state Park on Saturday. It was part of the Midwest Standup Paddleboard series.Www.midwestsup.comThe weather wasn't great--very foggy, but...

It’s Called A Challenge For A Reason

Jodi Caplan Cape Cod Bay Challenge
This is my first year on the “racing” scene. It started as photographer for Surftech for the Carolina Cup, and swiftly led into “I wanna do that!” as I watched so many strong, brave, badass women push themselves to the limits of endurance and...

Throwdown at the Showdown

Annabel Anderson Ultimate SUP Showdown
It had the makings of a SUP promoter's dream. Combine surfing with racing, pit the world’s best of both, set it on the stage of Queens at Waikiki Beach in front of the Duke Kahanamoku statue in August and have it added to the Dukes...

Outdoor Retailer Expo– The inside pulse of what we’re really going to see in 2015

Above photo from Village of Stokehttps://www.facebook.com/villageofstoke Like flies to a honey pot, the usual outdoor crowd descended upon the mountains of Utah this week for the annual OR Summer Fair (that’s Outdoor Retailer for the uninitiated). Once the domain of Teva sandal clad PCT trail walkers,...

Dave Kalama Clinic Recap: Silver Bullet? Magic Beans? Brooms & Sticks?

Having just finished the Molokai 2 Oahu in 4:24:44, Dave Kalama’s credentials in the water world are unquestionable. He’s a big fish in a big pond, a real deal. Signing up for his clinic at The Carolina Paddleboard Company, I wasn’t looking for a...

Stroke Rate, Distance Per Stoke and Paddling Efficiency

I have been training with my Speed Coach for several months now and I have to say, I like it… a lot. There are some things I wish it had (like a download capability and maybe an ice cream dispenser), but overall I am...

Take a tour through Outdoor Retailer

The Mullet is somewhere in Idaho, I think. He had a fantabulous time catching up with everyone, checking out the new gear, greeting you, taking your pictures, and asking for swag for us to review so that Mullet Nation knows what to love and what...

How to create momentum while standup paddling by Dave Kalama

PLEASE ACCESS THIS WITH A WIFI NETWORK. The Audio can be a problem on mobile phones with only a cellular internet connection. If Dave's Voice sounds garbled, it's because the video is playing before it is fully downloaded. Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to...

Top Tips from the Pros: Kody Kerbox

Kody Kerbox is a Naish Team rider and pro standup paddler that competes on the Standup World Tour and World Series. Here, the pro from Maui shares his top three tips for standup paddling with Brody Welte of PaddleFit. Tips: Train with a buddy Keep it fun,...

Yukon SUPDate: They saw a moose!

The Yukon 1000 Canoe, Kayak, and NOW SUP race got underway on Monday at 2pm. When Kim Sutton and Ben Friberg left the riverbanks in Whitehorse, there was a lot of skepticism from other paddlers: you're doing THIS ON THAT? Why would you want to...

Tropical Blends Hawaii #1

From Tropical Blends O'ahu Images : Martin Keruzoré & John De Mello Rider : Marco Juliot tropicalblendsurf.com/

Yukon SUPDate: RACE IS ON!

Kim and Ben got to Whitehorse in the Yukon at around 2am EST after a full day of traveling on Friday. She said "It was 11 pm our time and the sun was still out!" She also said "I feel like I'm on the...

Being a Brand Ambassador: Spread the Stoke

What’s one of your favorite things to do? You’re reading Distressed Mullet; so my guess is, like me, you love to paddle… …You love the glide. You cherish your time on the water. I bought my first SUP out of necessity (summer of 2012). My introduction to paddling came through...

This Weekend in SUP: Land crabs, rain, and records!

Again, you guys were busy busy bees this weekend! If you want to be featured in the weekend roundup, post to our Facebook wall or tag us on instagram (@distressedmullet) Top photo: Julie, Bill, and Sloan go for a prone/prone/SUP paddle **** Erik Lumbert from Paddleboard New...

Yukon Ho! Kim and Ben jet to Whitehorse for the Yukon 1000

Alrighty folks. Over the next two weeks you're gonna wanna stay tuned right here to Distressed Mullet for the exclusive coverage of Kim and Ben while they embark on the Yukon 1000 race in Canada and Alaska. When I said "Let's go for a 1,000...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: Careful What You Wish For

Recently there was a birthday video by Chris Aguilar (QuickBlade Paddles and Fin Film Company) which included a clip of “to be a tough dude, you have to do tough dude shit.” Well, for some unknown reason (middle age crisis?), I want to be...

Hobie Outdoor Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Series

San Juan Capistrano, California, July 15, 2014 – Hobie Stand Paddleboards announces the release of its Outdoor Inflatable Series of stand up paddleboards.  The series features two new innovative designs that cater to the stand up paddling needs of the all-around outdoor enthusiast. The 10’9”...

SUP International: Annabel Anderson-Training to the Red Line

A great article in SUP International Magazine--an interview with Annabel Anderson. Read the Rest >> Psychologically, what are the warning signs of burnout? And can you suggest some tips to sort that out? There are many different signs of burnout and this is resonant of anything in...

9 things to think about this weekend

1. Don’t wait. If you have a window, jump out of it and land in the water. We get to do something extraordinary. There are mornings when I paddle around our south Jetty and think, “I can’t believe I get to do this.” If there...

And Another Thing with Julie Nicholls: “Paddlesourcing”

There’s crowd-sourcing, out-sourcing and bob-sourcing; now there’s paddle-sourcing. It may not be an actual Webster defined term, but who cares, I just made it up. By my own definition, it’s the act of using online SUP resources to figure out how-to and where-to paddle...

Mark Colino: Life as a Sports Rep

Life as a sales rep in the action sports industry can vary greatly depending on the company and the type of product you're selling.  The one thing it is not, is boring! Constant change and the ability to be sel- disciplined is key. As a rep...

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