Kai Lenny: VV02 Max Training with Nike

Nike Trainer Ryan Flaherty works with Kai Lenny to improve his performance on the water, priming the stand up paddle boarder to break record times.

TOPS Testing: Step Two- VO2Max & DEXA

VO2 Max Testing
April, Erik, and Jason are going to be subjects of observation. Step two includes more pre-season groundings such as VO2max and DEXA. The Carolina Paddleboard Co. team continues their SUP training preparations at TOPS Athletics and gets VO2Max tested and body composition analyzed. Last week...


Mick DiBetta Paddle Power Trainer
  Guest post by Mick DiBetta With the competition season off and running, its interesting hear the feedback from the over 40 age groupers after races about how they can't train as much as they would like. Here is 10 tips to find that little extra...

Board Meeting Episode 2: Preparing for the Molokai 2 Oahu SUP Race – Part 1

Here's episode 2 of Board Meeting, our new SUP show where we talk about all things stand up paddle surfing and racing. In this episode, Robert and I talk about how to prepare for the Molokai 2 Oahu SUP race. We discuss training, fitness,...

100/100 Paddle Challenge Sponsored by Distressed Mullet

The 100/100 paddle challenge started the ugly and uglier winter of 2013 when I needed motivation to get my a** on the water and get ready to race at the 2014 Carolina Cup. I needed gullible training partners who’d be willing to suck it...

Powering Through: Getting Through Training Misery

This can be one of the hardest times of the year where training goes - maybe you are concentrating on building strength and are doing workout that aren't as fun, or you're battling with weather, or even just battling the holidays and the stress...

Biomechanics SUP Series #4 – Legs

The fourth video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on getting the most out of your legs. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger. http://www.kialoa.com/biomechanics

The Top Ten Things to Love About the Off Season

Time Off From Paddle Training Yes, we all really know that there is no such thing as the "off season." Even taking a scheduled break is really part of training. It is as necessary as those intervals and drills are.  And I for one, am...

OC Winter Training: What Should I do?

Winter training... It’s (usually) cold, gloomy, demotivating, and many strongly dislike it. Lucky for me, it’s currently 70 degrees on the Carolina Coast so I can’t complain! But for those up north, it’s a different story. Now what? Many wonder what to do during the winter...

Camaraderie, Commitment, Consistency Trifecta: Three Peat, Triple Crown Third Year in a Row “100 hours in 100 days” Paddle Challenge

100/100 Challenge
Camaraderie Three times is a charm. For the third year in a row, the Facebook group “100/100 Paddle Challenge” is taking up the gauntlet where each member will strive to achieve 100 HOURS in 100 DAYS. Why? Because we can and because it’s free and...

Kody Kerbox Training in the Zone with Suzie Cooney

Suzie Cooney and Kody Kerbox
photo by Simone Reddingius Check out this post from Suzie Cooney from Suzie Trains Maui: Training in the zone with Kody Kerbox, Naish stand up paddle professional athlete in all disciplines; seems to be such a natural state.  But it takes focus, hard work and lots and...

The Kanahas Bite Sized Guide

Kanahas Bite Sized Guide
We wanted to tell you about a great blog post from Mullet supporters Kanahas. They invited Suzie Cooney, a trainer from Maui who specializes in SUP (and friend of Mullets), among other things, to talk about Downwind SUP and to share a specific exercise...

Dave Kalama Clinic Recap: Silver Bullet? Magic Beans? Brooms & Sticks?

Having just finished the Molokai 2 Oahu in 4:24:44, Dave Kalama’s credentials in the water world are unquestionable. He’s a big fish in a big pond, a real deal. Signing up for his clinic at The Carolina Paddleboard Company, I wasn’t looking for a...

Fitness Onboard Certification Schedule

Fitness Onboard Certification
Coming to your area soon: Fitness Onboard® gears up to bring you the Fitness Onboard® Certification (FOC©), a comprehensive course that bridges the gap between the fundamentals of fitness and stand up paddleboarding. Whether a novice or an experienced instructor, the FOC© gives you...

How to create momentum while standup paddling by Dave Kalama

PLEASE ACCESS THIS WITH A WIFI NETWORK. The Audio can be a problem on mobile phones with only a cellular internet connection. If Dave's Voice sounds garbled, it's because the video is playing before it is fully downloaded. Dave Kalama discussed tips on how to...

Quickblade Flume: Train Hard: Jamie, Candice and Anthony V02 Testing by Soul Surf Media

Jamie Mitchell, Candice Appleby, And Anthony Vela all jump into the Quickblade Flume for a V02 test. Yep, it was a little intense. Just the way Coach Jimmy likes it by Soul Surf Media

TOPS Testing: Taking Three Paddlers through a Competitive Year

For the upcoming 2015 SUP season, the team at Carolina PaddleBoard Co. is voluntarily becoming guinea pigs. TOPS Athletics, a Wilmington based all-you-could-need gym/lab is going to observe paddlers through off season preparations, pre-race training, and competitive seasons while creating specific programing that improves...

Larry Cain dispelling myths and clearing up misconceptions in new blog post

Larry has had access to some amazing technology since he started working with the Canadian Canoe/Kayak Team last June. it's allowed him to better understand a paddler’s technique and provide paddlers with feedback far beyond that which you can provide by simply videoing them. Here is an excerpt...

Get your Riding Bumps Code to Start Training!

Repost from 2014. Use the coupon code and get your discount: I'm sitting here on my rear waiting to get my cast off and thinking about Chattajack. I don't know if my ankle will be strong enough to stand for that long. I'm just going...

Quick Stand Up Paddle Training Tip: How to Bring More Power to the Blade

This exercise for stand up paddling is designed to increase your total purchase power from your entire shoulder complex directly to the blade of your paddle. It also engages and strengthens your entire core! RESULT: Maximum stroke power! This exercise is GREAT for surfers too...

Stand Up Paddle Training Video Adding A New Dimension to Your SUP Performance

For NaishSurfing.com by Suzie Cooney, Naish Team Rider and owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC These exercises will help you increase your overall SUP performance. They are presented with a clear progression from easier to advanced. All levels of paddlers can take away a few...

Fast Five: Mark Colino

We continue our weekly Monday series "Fast Five" with tips from Starboard Rep, Wrightsville Beach's Adopted Son, and all around nice guy: Mark Colino! Fast Five with Mark Colino 1) Favorite "Paddle energy" foods? Met-RX chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar honey nut cheerios peanut butter...

How to Increase Your SUP Power Strokes and Balance Training Tip

This quick stand up paddling performance tip that shows you how to increase your stroke paddling power from deep within your core and obliques, while at the same time allows you to challenge your balance and build leg strength and reaction time. This video will...

How to Improve Leg Strength, Endurance and Balance for Stand Up Paddling

Suzie is a Naish Team rider and one of the worlds best trainers. Think Cody Kerbox and Jeremy Riggs. She posts amazing workouts and really understands the needs of standup paddlers. This workout is designed with the stand up paddle boarder in mind to...

EXCLUSIVE: QuickTips from Quickblade-Larry Cain Pushup Progression

Larry Cain breaks down how to get to his level of doing the push up

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