Outrigger Monday: V1s off of Kauai

Video VI Outrigger Action off Kauai Feeling those Monday blues? Get medicated by watching Kauai locals Makana Denton and Christian Martson chasing bumps on their V1!! V1 paddling is something special as you need a true feel for the water to make it move smoothly and...

Harrison Deisroth’s Summer Outrigger Journal

Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii
Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii Aloha all! I have been in Hawai’i for the past week and have begun my summer-long stay in the Islands. I have been training with the juniors of Ka Lahui Kai, a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains junior...

What I have Learned from the OC or How paddling outrigger has made me a better standup paddler

How paddling outrigger can improve your sup skills Spend just a little time paddling an outrigger canoe and you will quickly understand why it is the perfect complement to paddling standup.  It will make you a better sup paadler, if you tune yourself into that....

Molokai To Oahu Solo Canoe Race set for Saturday

Molokai Solo Canoe Race set for Saturday
Molokai Solo Canoe Race set for Saturday Tomorrow, 75 paddlers (15 women and 60 men), in their one-man outrigger canoes, will race across the Kaiwi Channel from the Hawaiian island of Molokai to the island of Oahu. The “2017 Kaiwi Solo OC1 - Molokai World...

Video: What you should know about Paddling Outrigger Canoe

Outrigger Lifestyle 101 Thinking about getting into outrigger paddling? Just curious about what it's all about? the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA) explains the culture, the ohana and the lifestyle that comes with paddling Hawaiian outrigger canoe in this video.        

The Olukai: Aloha and Ohana All Wrapped Up in One Race

Olukai Ho'olaule'a: Celebrating Water Culture We can't lie.  We are starting to get just a little excited about the month of April.  After all, weather is starting to get and stay warmer. Booties are starting to come off, and some of our most favorite races...

Outrigger Monday: Foti Brothers on Fortitude

Sit in Hawaii with the Foti brothers as they talk fortitude, outrigger racing, and steering. The Foti's play an integral role in Hawaii's outrigger community as they both coach teams for Lanikai Canoe Club, run a paddle shop on the leeward coast of Oahu, and...

Video: Sizing Your OC Paddle

Picking out your first OC paddle So, maybe you've just succumbed to the pull of outrigger canoe and you're about to get your first OC paddle.  Might want to review this helpful video from Dave and Meg Chun at Kialoa before your pick your blade...

Video: Cold Water OC1 Downwind Run

Maybe because it's French.  Maybe because the water is clearly frigid (how often do you see video of someone downwinding in an outrigger with a neoprene hood on?) Or maybe it's all the ama flying, but we are mesmerized by this classic European oc...

Race Profile: 2017 Carolina Cup 9-mile Six Man Outrigger Canoe Race

Expanded OC-6 Event at the Carolina Cup
Expanded OC-6 Event at the Carolina Cup This year, many new things are being added to the infamous Carolina Cup, including the all new nine-mile, six-man outrigger canoe race. Teams will race the well known Surf to Sound “9-mile flatwater championship” course, with different gender...

OC1 Care – Tips and Tricks to Prolonging the Life of your Canoe

Outrigger canoe care
So you just bought a canoe, want a canoe, or have a canoe. Regardless of whether you belong in one of those three categories, knowing how to properly care for your outrigger is vital if you want to prolong the life of your craft....

OC-2 How-to: Installing a Rudder Video

OC2 paddlers, learn how to install your rudder with Jim Foti and Outrigger Zone! "Installing a rudder into a Tempest OC2 (outrigger canoe) is easy. Just follow Jim Foti's simple instructions. You will need a Hhilips screwdriver and the parts that come with your rudder...

Video Inspiration: OC6 Women Race to Catalina

Outrigger teams and clubs are gearing up for the season and one of the most storied races on the West Coast is the Catalina Crossing US Outrigger Championships, a two day event featuring races spanning the 30 or so miles between Newport and Santa Catalina...

VIdeo: Recap of the Liberty Challenge in NYC

Can't get enough outrigger canoe action? We know we can't.  It's just what the doctor ordered on a cold January day! Watch the recap of the 2016 the Hawaiian Airlines New York Liberty Challenge. Hundreds of paddlers from near and far embarked from Pier 26 in...

OC-6 Video: Breaking Down the Tahitian Stroke with Johnny Puakea

If you have ever seen the Tahitian teams race six-man outrigger, you know how fast and powerful they are.  Master OC coach and canoe designer Johnny Puakea breaks down the secret of the successful Tahitian technique in this must-see, must-study video.        

Video: 2017 Waka Ama Sprints – Premier Men W1 500 -FINAL OC-1

2017 Waka Ama Sprints
2017 Waka Ama Sprints Watch Tupuria King win his third consecutive Premier Men V1 500m Final against some of the best paddlers in New Zealand. Dang he's fast!!! Watch the video here: http://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows/2017-waka-ama-sprints/S01E001/2017-waka-ama-sprints-premier-men-w1-500-final

Outrigger Revolution: Junior Teams are Charging!

The junior outrigger paddling presence is steadily growing and the Ka Lahui Kai Juniors from Oahu, HI, are the forefront of the movement. Watch this group of two-time junior Molokai Hoe champions take on their local waters on a downwind training run:

So You Want to Paddle Outrigger? A Quick Guide to Getting Your First Canoe

learning how to paddle an outrigger
Outrigger canoes are gaining in popularity on the East Coast and more folks are interested in learning how to paddle an outrigger.  I've lost count of the number of times someone has asked me about mine or has outright expressed more than a casual...

OC Winter Training: What Should I do?

Winter training... It’s (usually) cold, gloomy, demotivating, and many strongly dislike it. Lucky for me, it’s currently 70 degrees on the Carolina Coast so I can’t complain! But for those up north, it’s a different story. Now what? Many wonder what to do during the winter...

On the Water 2: Video for A Cold Winter’s Day

"It's more than just about going fast....it's that connection you get when you put your paddle in the water..." Exactly. This is a beautiful video from Makana Denton and Open Ocean Outrigger and SUP and it pretty much sum it up.  File this under Things We...

Gear Review: NRS HydroSkin Paddling Gloves

It is 25 degrees here today in Virginia Beach but with the wind chill it is about 13 so I think today is a great day to stay inside, have a good cup of coffee, and talk about cold weather paddling.  In past winters...

East Coast Outrigger Paddlers – What to look forward to for the 2017 season

We’re almost halfway through December, and many East Coast paddlers are well into their offseason. This time is great to reflect on the memories made throughout the year, experiences had, past races, and races to look forward to for next year. A Growing Year 2016 was...

Ocean Safety is Ocean Safety – No Matter Where You Are

This Winter on Maui has been big, even already this early in the season, and recent incidents there prompted our friend Suzie Cooney to write a great post on her Maliko Run blog about safety.  Her advice is solid no matter where you paddle,...

New Mullet Correspondents: Welcome Aboard, Harrison and Jules!

The Mullet Family just got bigger!! We are so stoked to announce that two fresh voices will now be regularly heard here on the Distressed Mullet. Harrison Deisroth and Julieta (Jules) Gismondi are coming on board as of this month.  Harrison will be helping us...

Safety: Common Sense Beyond Leashes and PFDs

Editor's Note: We ran across this cautionary tale and sober reminder that being safe on the water means more than just wearing a PFD and leash and knowing your limits.  Angie Federici shared this experience on her Facebook page last week after a near...

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