Technique video Danny Ching on OC paddling with Johnny Johnny Puakea Part 1 of 4

Danny Ching and Johnny Puakea outrigger paddle technique clinic Part 3 by teamkokua

Maui To Molokai Crossing 2010 OC1 by standupzone dotcom

Mike Newbro and Randy Strome crossing the Pailolo channel in the 2010 Sorrentos/Kai Wa'a Race on April, 24th. From Standup Zone......get inspired. GEt out there and paddle. Find a wave. Find the wind. Paddle.

Dan Gavere at Punchbowl Falls

Dan Gavere standup paddling punchbowl falls on the west fork of the Hood River Aug 20, 2009. Betsy and Bob told us about this. Check out the pads. That's some serious gear.

Yoga on a paddleboard?!

Yoga on a stand up paddle board video Don't try this at home. Chris—stick to swimming. Paddle Board Yoga is the style of yoga dashama created for surfers and fitness/health enthusiasts who love to try new things and strengthen their core, balance and have fun!...


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