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Paddle like a Pro with Danny Ching DVD Review

Danny Ching DVD
I got a chance to watch the new Danny Ching 404 video a few times this past week and it’s definitely worth buying. It packs some really great information into the 32 minutes. Here are descriptions of some major sections and what I think...

How to attach your Garmin to your Board Part 2

Check out what Mike Dobbins created with a Sea Sucker mount instead of GoPro Mounts. I've never seen the Sea Sucker, but apparently, it's an insanely powerful suction cup system. This is another great idea in a series of home-brew fixes to affix a...

How to Hold a Paddleboard Paddle Correctly

It's the most basic part of standup paddleboarding: how to hold the paddle. Yet so many people do it wrong.  We aren't necessarily talking about how far apart your hands should be, though the pictures below give a good approximation.  We're talking about starting at square...

Learn how to steer your board with this Paddle Monster video: The Slalom Drill

There are three techniques to help you maintain the straight run of the board and counteract the propensity of the board to drift to the opposite side: Paddling along the rail, foot steering, and drawing the nose of the board. (drill videos are available...

Three tips to make your stand up paddle race faster that don’t involve working out

Carolina Cup Stand Up Paddle Board Race
I know how exciting standup paddleboard races can be. Too exciting to pay attention. Too exciting to avoid common mistakes.  Sometimes doing well in a SUP race means not doing poorly. Here are three easy ways to avoid common stand up paddle board race mistakes...

How to install a fin in a stand up paddle board

This is a great walk-through by Hobie SUP on how to install fins in your stand up paddle board. It's the kind of thing everyone has to learn. This video will walk you through the basics of putting in and taking out fins. While this video...

Distance Race Preparation: Avoiding the Freak Out

Let's start with how unqualified I am to write this: I'm not a doctor. I'm not a personal trainer. I'm not a certified anything except professional clown. (I am actually a certified professional clown.) I'm not a nutritionist. I've only done one super long distance race. So you can listen...

Johnny Puakea: The most common problems with paddling technique

Johnny Puakea talks about common paddling technique issues he's seeing in his clinics at events around the US.  

How to Put your Paddleboard in the Water and Get it Out

So, you just bought a shiny new paddleboard! How do you put it in the water and take it out so that you don't break it? How do you avoid getting a ding (What IS a ding? We'll cover that later.) How to put your...

Basic Technique Fundamental – Pull Yourself Past the Paddle

In all paddled watercraft the most fundamental principle of technique is to gather water on your paddle blade, secure it in the water and pull yourself by the paddle. In the 1980s, Tamas Buday, a sprint canoe athlete from Hungary was doing his coaching education...

SUP tips: Keep feet from going numb & moving around board

Robert Stehlik and Blue Planet Surf put together a great video to help first-time paddlers prevent feet from going numb or hurting by moving you feet and weight. Stand Up Paddle tips: How to keep your feet and toes from going numb or cramping when paddling and...

How to Get Back Onto a Paddleboard Video

In this video, we're going to take a look at how to get back onto your SUP from the water in case you fall off or decide you want to jump in to take a swim. From the ACA and SUP TV

How To Get on your Standup Paddleboard from a Dock

How do you stand up on your standup paddle board from a dock without slipping off and hitting your head on the dock? It's easy. Here's how. 1. Put your board in the water and sit on the dock next to it. Put your feet...

How the Center Fin Position Changes the Performance of Starboard SUP.

Ever wonder why to move your center fin forward or backward in the fin box? This is the perfect explanation. This video explains how changing the position of the center fin by moving forwards or backwards can change the performance of the board. In particular,...

Biomechanics SUP Series 2 – Posture

The second video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on posture. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger. http://www.kialoa.com/biomechanics

Suzie Cooney Standup Paddle Performance Book Release

Suzie Cooney
HOW TO INCREASE YOUR STAND UP PADDLING PERFORMANCE: Beginner to Elite by Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui is going to be available soon. Be the first to know of book release by Signing up here Increase your SUP performance whether you're a beginner to elite paddler. With over 400 photos, illustrations,...

Video Trailer: Drafting with Larry Cain!

SUP Drafting for Racing - Larry Cain Ever want to know what it's like to be Larry Cain, drafting?  Take a look at the new Paddle Monster trailer for his Drafting 101 video and find out!  You'll see how the master does it! The full video...

Book Review: How to Increase your Standup Paddle Performance: From Beginner to Elite by Suzie Cooney

Book Review: How to Increase your Standup Paddle Performance: From Beginner to Elite by Suzie Cooney
When I first started standup paddling some five years ago, there was virtually nothing available, either online, or in bookstores that was especially helpful. One or two books were out there, but the sport was new. I quickly moved beyond the how to's described...

How to making your hydration colder

Add ice to your hydration pack to keep cool while stand up paddling
Spring is moving in and summer is close behind. Use this trick I learned a few years back at a race called the Gulf Coast Championships. The race is gone, but the tip stuck. Add ice After you put in your liquid, mix, or regular water, add...

Danny Ching Clinic at the Carolina Cup

On April 29th, throngs of bright-eyes Stand Up Paddle hopefuls will get an opportunity to learn how to SUP from one of the world's best paddlers. Danny Ching, Riviera Team rider will be performing a beginner clinic teaching basic paddling skills to a group...

Understanding Starboard SUP Paddle Dihedrals

The correct way to hold your paddle, focusing on the blade angle and grip on the shaft. There are two design features that help minimize a blade fluttering in the water and instead provide a smooth and controlled stroke.

QuickTips for Standup Paddling: Roll the Fingers

Dave Kalama discusses how rolling the fingers can help transfer the effort in standup paddling from your arms to your body, which is your source of power. Relaxing your arm helps you use your whole body to pull the board past the paddle. QuickTips...

How to do a Pivot Turn

How to do a pivot turn--from BIC SUP

Connor Baxter SUP Stroke Technique

From Blue Paddle Surf: Interview with Connor Baxter on SUP paddle length and stroke technique at the 2017 Starboard distributor meeting on Maui. I asked Connor about his new 2017 paddle design that I can't show yet. I can show the parts where he talked...

Jenny Kalmbach discusses her approach to the Molokai 2 Oahu race this weekend

This is the easy part. Training is done, mileage in the bank, hours and hours of paddling are over. These are the days to take it easy, put the legs up and rest. To appreciate how far you’ve come, to be grateful for the...

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