How to Perform a Buoy Turn

Performing a buoy turn is one of the requisite skills all SUP paddlers seek to accomplish once they become comfortable on their boards. In this How To video, SIC Global Athlete Kenny Kaneko demystifies the maneuver by breaking down a buoy turn into a...

Johnny Puakea: The most common problems with paddling technique

Johnny Puakea talks about common paddling technique issues he's seeing in his clinics at events around the US.  

Dave Kalama: The most common problems with paddling technique

Dave Kalama from Imagine SUP discusses the most common problems he's seeing with paddle technique and how to address it. For more information on Dave Kalama or Imagine Surf, go to: Dave Kalama's Blog: A Waterman's Journal Imagine Surf: http://www.imaginesurf.com/ Imagine Surf on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imaginesurf Imagine Surf on Instagram: https://instagram.com/imaginesurf

Jenny Kalmbach discusses her approach to the Molokai 2 Oahu race this weekend

This is the easy part. Training is done, mileage in the bank, hours and hours of paddling are over. These are the days to take it easy, put the legs up and rest. To appreciate how far you’ve come, to be grateful for the...

Suzie Cooney Standup Paddle Performance Book Release

Suzie Cooney
HOW TO INCREASE YOUR STAND UP PADDLING PERFORMANCE: Beginner to Elite by Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui is going to be available soon. Be the first to know of book release by Signing up here Increase your SUP performance whether you're a beginner to elite paddler. With over 400 photos, illustrations,...

BEST ADVICE EVER from Johnny Puakea: You Need to Paddle Alone

Johnny Puakea
Why Take A Clinic? I am a firm believer in the biking quote, “it’s not about the machine, it’s about the engine.” With paddling that means, if my stroke is inefficient, it doesn’t matter what kind of board or paddle I have; I’ll tire faster,...

Board Meeting Episode 2: Preparing for the Molokai 2 Oahu SUP Race – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Molokai 2 Oahu episode where Robert and I continue our discussion on how to prepare for the Molokai 2 Oahu SUP race. We talk about training, fitness, nutrition, using the proper equipment, logistics, and a whole lot more...

Paddle like a Pro with Danny Ching DVD Review

Danny Ching DVD
I got a chance to watch the new Danny Ching 404 video a few times this past week and it’s definitely worth buying. It packs some really great information into the 32 minutes. Here are descriptions of some major sections and what I think...

Top 10 Tips for Stand Up Paddleboarding Safely

Canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards were responsible for 20% of all paddlesport-related deaths last year (U.S. Coast Guard 2013 Recreational Boating Statistics). The ACA partnered with Anzovin Studio to create a video aimed at empowering stand up paddleboarders to take responsibility for their safety...

Biomechanics SUP Series #5 – Putting it all Together

The fifth video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on combining what we learned about posture, shoulders and legs. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger. http://www.kialoa.com/biomechanics

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