3 Weeks to Chattajack: Nutrition with Steve

Steve Dullack
It's getting real! There have been some great discussions about nutrition on some of the Facebook pages that many of us Chattajackians frequent like to 100/100 page and the Chattajack “Back of the Pack” page. I am not a licensed nutritionist, dietician, yogi, guru, or...

Dealing with post paddle aches and pains

Aches and pains still annoying you after a full summer of paddling or racing? More and more research is pointing to inflammation as the culprit. Amy Beausang offers some great suggestions for reducing inflammation in her blog post Five Healthy Ways to Quash Inflammation. In a...

Hydration Week: Drink Mixes

skratch labs hydration mix
We're well into Hydration Week here on Distressed Mullet. We've given you several hydration pack reviewlets (and there are more to come!) Today we want to direct you to some drink options. If you're on a long paddle water is just not going to cut...

StrongRabbit: Keep it REAL to Lose Weight

Hello SUP fiends and Mullet people! Last week we began our series on balancing nutrition with weight loss goals. Sooo…. Did you do your homework? If you have no idea what I’m referring to, or if the dog ate the assignment, I asked you to: 1.     Turn...

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