Made the Mullet: Michael Schutzler

Michael Schutzler
Michael is a paddler and surfer from Seattle, Washington who just completed the Seventy48, a self-supported, human-powered boat race between Tacoma, WA and Port Townsend, WA on prone. He paddled 78 miles in 19 hours and took 32nd place out of 109 teams. MIND...

Made the Mullet: Erin Macdonell

Erin Macdonell
Erin has been our sister from the North for years. She's been traveling to just about everywhere there's a big event to paddle and enjoy our paddle world. We love seeing her in Wrightsville Beach for the Carolina Cup or other events, or just...

Made the Mullet: Pilar Cayton from Costa Mesa, CA

Pilar Cayton
Pilar is a staple on the 100 challenge and every time I her pop up on my Facebook feed, she's on an OC6, paddling, enjoying a sunset. She inspire us with the joy she brings to and from the water. What are you paddling? SIC FX...

Made the Mullet :: Paolo Ameglio

Paolo Ameglio
Paolo has been punking me since the very first race we paddled out together and I couldn't appreciate him more. From alerting me to the fact that I was paddling with a recalled paddle to commenting on how nice my new paddle... just not...

Watch this profile of Tamas Buday Jr created by Stephane Richard

Tamas Buday Jr
Tommy is one of our favorite paddlers. This is a look back at Tommy's olympic family and career—what has led him to our sport and our paddle community. Tamas is sponsored by QuickBlade Paddles, SIC MAUI, COVA, Maui Jim, WND&WVS, Groupe Vincent, Supskin, Black Project...

MADE THE MULLET :: Danielle Holdsworth from London, Ontario

Danielle Holdsworth
It seems like every time we hit facebook, there's Danielle clean and pressing something heavy or training on her Starboard. She consistently shows up and paddles, does her Paddle Monster workouts, hits the gym to compete in masters weightlifting. And usually it's with a...

Best of the Point to Point Paddle Races Made the Mullet Bucket List

Point to Point
This is a list of the top, Bucket list paddleboard, OC, surfski and prone/traditional paddleboard races that go from point to point on a river, but not included in the Best of Paddle Races Crossings Bucket List. Again, this is based on absolute scientific...

Made the Mullet :: Kirsten Marina Lefeldt

Kirsten Marina Lefeldt
When I think of Lake Michigan and Chicago, Kirsten is one the short list. Kirsten has a passion for paddling, for training and competing. She's a Paddle Monster and a trainer. Thanks for showing up every day and putting in the paddling. You inspire...

Made the Mullet :: Jules Gismondi

Jules Gismondi
Jules and I met as she and her partner in crime, Louanne Harris paddled the whole friggin' East Coast a few years ago. They stayed with us as they passed through Wrightsville Beach, NC and became unofficial aunties and official role models to my...

Made the Mullet :: Dan Michaluk

photo courtesy of Warren Won (https://www.facebook.com/wwwon1) Dan might be the northernmost year-round prone paddler. He and his son Hugo suit up and head out in and around Toronto and Lake Ontario no matter what the conditions. Dan paddles a stock Bark 12' and a Bark...

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