Put a sticker on it: Help authorities contact you if your board is found

If you found a board with no rider floating down the lake or waterway, or perhaps walked up to a rider-less SUP on a beach, what would you think? What would you do? First, you'd look around for the owner. Scan the water, assume the...

Safety: Common Sense Beyond Leashes and PFDs

Editor's Note: We ran across this cautionary tale and sober reminder that being safe on the water means more than just wearing a PFD and leash and knowing your limits.  Angie Federici shared this experience on her Facebook page last week after a near...

Stand Up Paddling – Rules of the Road StandUpPaddlingTV

Stand up paddlers should be aware of the general rules of the road when it comes to navigating our waterways, particularly in high traffic areas.

Risk: The Intentional Voice

by Dean Burke I started rock climbing in my early 20’s. The sport was still pretty young back then. Not Yvon-young, but climbing gyms were still rare and those that did exist were among the first to open. Shows like MTV Sports glorified extreme climbers....

10-year old child drowns while paddleboarding in Lake Michigan

According to the Grand Rapids Press (http://bit.ly/2cto77D), Hannah Harris, a 10-year-old Lansing girl drowned in Lake Michigan after she fell off a paddle board on Monday, Sept. 19. Harris fell off her paddleboard at 3:47 p.m, less than a mile north of Charles Mears State...

Would more people wear PFDs if they looked better?

The thing that jumped out at me as I walked through the wakeboarding area of surf expo were the impact vests. They were beautiful. Low profile. Fitted. The colors and designs ran the gamut. From pinky bubble gum designs to chamo and gaming designs. In wakeboarding, they...

Safety Discussion from the Surf Expo

surf expo safety meeting
"We need to take responsibility for the safety of the people in our sport." Tyler callaway leads off the stand up Paddleboard manufacturer's safety meeting at @surfexpo. On Friday, September 9th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida manufacturers, media, and representatives from the...

Top 5 Stand Up Paddling Tips

This video offers five valuable tips for Stand Up Paddling that will help you stay safe and get the most out of your time on the water.

3 Techniques All Stand Up Paddlers Should Know

Learn the three key techniques that will make you a better, safer paddler. How to get back on your board if you fall off, how to deal with a boat wake, and how to do a pivot turn. Produced in partnership with the ACA http://www.aca-sup.com

SUP Surfing 101 from the ACA

Starting from a standing position with the power of a paddle makes catching waves easier on a SUP board than traditional surfing...But, surfing a SUP has its own unique challenges and skills to develop in order to become proficient.


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