Inland Paddler: Ohana Is Family

Ohana Is Family
In our sport of paddling, we use a lot of words, terms, and gestures that come from my home state of Hawaii. It makes sense, because so much of our sport hails from the islands or at least comes to the mainland through the...

Buy Local Shop Profile: Watermans Landing, Lake Tahoe, CA

Watermans Landing
Watermans Landing is there to get you going, with full service board rentals and coffee and deli items; right on the Lake Tahoe's beautiful water! Location 5166 Northlake Blvd, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140 What board companies do you carry? Bark, Surftech, NSP, SIC, 404 What paddles do you carry? Quickblade,...

April Zilg: When We Tried to Kill Lexy (Because Katie was Busy)

“C’mon, it’ll be fun!” we said.  “It builds character and a strong soul,” we continued. Finally, Lexy agreed to follow us into the open ocean. Why do I say, “Because Katie was busy?” Is it because if Katie wasn’t busy editing her pot book would...

Traditional Paddleboard Race Scenario: What do we do?

Race Director Decisions Consider the following and let us know how you would handle this if you were the race director. Race Entry Scenario 7  traditional (prone) paddlers show up to a paddleboard event. There are two courses, a long (10 mile) and short course...

Annabel Anderson: Seasons of Change

Annabel Anderson
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow.” ― Lao Tzu Change. It’s human nature to avoid it. After all, we’re creatures of habit. But as the clouds roll in, the weather changes, the long days of summer...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Blake’s Paddle the Bay, Tampa Bay, Florida

Race Profile Blake's Paddle the Bay
Date May 13, 2017 Can you describe the different races and courses? 7 Mile Elite Race; 3 Mile Rec Race; Kids Dolphin Dash Race; All Board Classes Welcome Join us in the glassy calm waters of Safety Harbor in the Tampa Bay for an exciting day of paddling...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Florida State Paddleboard Championship

Florida State Paddle Championships
Date: June 4, 2016 Location: Cocoa Beach, FL DOES YOUR EVENT BENEFIT A CHARITY AND IF SO, CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT It? All proceeds benefit the Florida Surf Museum which is dedicated to preserving Florida's Surfing history. Can you describe the different races and courses? The course...

Go Paddle Race Profile: Big Bear PaddleFest, Big Bear Lake, CA

BIg Bear
Date July 9, 2016 Location Big Bear Lake, California Can you describe the different races and courses? 20K Around the lake, 10K Out and back, 5K Technical turns What kind of paddling settings and conditions will racers face? The lake is calm in the early morning, and windy in the afternoon. What...

The Inland Paddler: Winter Surfing Magic

Sup Surfing with Friends
Sup Surfing with Friends - Peer Pressured into Epicness "Come on, you're gonna get wet anyway," one of my training partners and friends said as we were breaking away from the breakfast table at the Blockade Runner.  It was the Sunday after the Cold Stroke...

The Inland Paddler: Getting Back to the Roots

Paddling is Paddling It’s funny how we sometimes define ourselves by what we paddle - what craft - SUP, OC, Prone, Ski - or by what kind of blade we use - single, double, none. My gateway to paddlesports was sea kayaking. I picked up my...

How to correct a standup paddle race finish time and place

You've trained. (or maybe not). You've executed your race strategy (or maybe just paddled). You've battled it out with a few other competitors (or maybe just paddled by yourself most of the time). And you finished. Then, you look at the results and your time...

100/100 Hits the Reset Button

We are hitting the RESET button for our 100/100 Paddle Challenge. We’re not quitting, because slow and steady wins the race; but we are taking it up a notch, we are going to hurt your PANCREAS (thank you Steve Dullack!) We are going to...

Custom Board Candy: Joe Bark Unlimited SUP built for the SEVENTY48 Race

Dean Burke, Joe Bark Custom
Specs This is a custom Joe Bark UL SUP. "Purpose built" for the SEVENTY48 race. Length: 17' Width: 25" Tail: Square/ 10" wide Nose: Displacement entry....but....has some rocker AND is a bit more rounded on the bottom edges. The entry and the rails were an important discussion point in making this...

Meet Joe Paddler: John Acosta, San Diego, California

Joe Paddler John Acosta
Where you were born and where you live now? Born in Salt Lake City, UT. Currently living in San Diego, CA. What is your occupation? Commercial Truck Driver. Where do you SUP the most? Mission Bay and Coronado, CA. Do you have a favorite local paddleboard shop? Yep, West Coast Paddle...

View from the Back: Cobianado!

"I wish I had been wearing my heart rate monitor," I said. "I know, right?" said Sharna. "I would probably have a new maximum heart rate. Like, 190." "While going zero miles per hour!" --------- I should probably have the coordinates of Masons Inlet just north of Wrightsville Beach...

Tips for Race Directors starting a SUP race

victory at sea
In the past 6 weeks, there have been two examples of disastrous races. Races that barely escaped being headlines in the local paper. Races where paddlers could have been injured or killed. I can't call them out, but one was on the East coast and one...

100/100 Paddle Points Challenge Starts Sunday!

Featured photo from Leslie Maclin The 100/100 2Fer Challenge Comes to an End On November 22nd, 2014, the 2Fer Challenge comes to an end, the third in a series of 100 day paddle challenges for 2014. We did 100 miles, we did 100 hours and we...

The Inland Paddler: Summer Must Have Paddle Gear

Summer Must Have Paddle Gear
Summer Must Have Paddle Gear With the temps starting to warm up, I recently made the decision to retire the dry suits to the storage closet and am anxiously awaiting the moment when I can do the same with all the neoprene.  This is the...

WE WANT YOU in 2015! 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st

All I wanna do is have a little fun, I have a feeling I’m not the only one, the party has just begun….. What? The 100/100 Paddle Challenge starts January 1st. I want you to paddle 100 miles in 100 days WITH me. You, and you,...

Pacific Northwest Report: Top 10 Winter Fails

Top Winter Paddling Fails
Editor's Note: Many of us are starting to dig out of the cold and are enjoying spring.  In Hood River, it's been a long, hard winter and it's still on the chilly side. Our Pacific Northwest Correspondent Jhacoli Yang from The Village of Stoke...

The Inland Paddler: These are a few of my Favorite Things

My favorite things and what I am looking most forward to Post-Covid-19 Last week, I wrote about paddling for the first time in several weeks because of the pandemic. I wrote about how for 80 minutes things felt normal.  At the time, that felt wonderful. But...

A Mullet on the Euro Tour: Bilbao Spain

by April Zilg In a stark contrast to the previous week, the 5th stop of the Euro Tour was downtown in the large city of Bilbao, Spain. Where the Lost Mills was in a rural setting with cuckoos singing on a serene lake, the Iberdrola...

Meet Joe Paddler: Roei Yellin, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Joe Paddler: Roei Yellin
Joe Paddler: Roei Yellin Where you were born and where you live now? Born, raised and live in Tel-Aviv, Israel. What is your occupation? Paddling Guru at Motionize (A Motionize device attached to a paddle tracks stroke rate, distance speed, and other paddling metrics.) Where do you SUP the most? I...

Learning Moments: Sarah Callaham, know a paddlers true ability level

Sarah Callaham with Boga Yoga talks about when a normal day with a beginner paddler when things went bad quickly when the wind shifted offshore. What Sarah learned: Always know a person's real ability and always plan for wind when you're on Maui. For more information about...

The Inland Paddler: The Edge of 2017 – Getting Ready for the New Season

Carolina Cup Time
Carolina Cup Time Is Almost Here! It’s April. Finally! We are on the cusp of the 2107 racing season.  Oh sure, there’ve been a few events here and there, but this month, it ramps up and big time. For most of us on the East...
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