Finding a happy place: One Board Class Follow Up

The One Board Class Post from last week definitely elicited a variety of responses. The end goal for all of us is a healthy, happy, thriving, sustainable sport. We want new people to enter and engage in the sport and the community. We want...

One Board Class: 14 and Under

First of all, let me be clear. As far as I can see it, there is no dominant governing body that can regulate races. At all. So, no one is imposing anything on anyone. We are a collective group of independents. This could change...

The Inland Paddler: Roads to Recovery

Waterproofing the Surf Injury
Waterproofing the Surf Injury I'll tell you what. No one likes to be on the Injured/Disabled List, but I'll take a laceration, like the one my sup surfboard fin gave me almost three weeks ago, over a soft tissue injury any day. You get almost...

The Inland Paddler: Filleted by the Fin

When SUP Fins Act Like Chef's Knives It was a nice, beautiful Carolina morning at Wrightsville Beach. A small rain squall was moving offshore, little to no wind and the waves looked pretty clean.  A perfect morning to have a long overdue sup surf session...

The Inland Paddler: Always Something to Learn

Dawn Patrol Paddle Surf Run
When A Dawn Patrol Paddle Surf Run Doesn't Go As Planned No matter what the conditions, there is always something to learn. Even if the board stays in the rack, your clothes stay dry and you go for a walk instead of a ride. There is always...

CHUM Video Update for July 28, 2017

Discussion on the drowning by a paddler who was wearing, but did not deploy his belt PFD, a series of videos by Travis Grant, the arrival of our Kumo Board, upcoming races, and more for this last week in July.

July 21 CHUM Update from the Mullet

Review of this week's articles, discussions, videos and events.   Consider being a Distressed Mullet Supporter and keep these articles and the free classifieds flowing. Support the Mullet Friend : $10.00 USD - yearly Friend with benefits : $25.00 USD - yearly Lifetime Friend : $50.00 USD - yearly Big Papi...

The CHUM for July 14, 2017

John Beausang and Lisa Schell discuss the latest on Distressed Mullet for the week ending July 14th in this week's CHUM. Safety, The Gorge, SEA Paddle, OABI, Great Peconic Summer Books, and more...

Mullet talks on the CHUM for this week: July 7th

Cape to Cape in Cape May, NJ, Sea Paddle NYC, OABI Detroit, Safety Concerns, KeyVault from Kanulock and an ama rack. See more at

The Inland Paddler: Reconnecting with the Prone Zone

Rediscovering the Magic of Prone Paddling
Rediscovering the Magic of Prone Paddling Three years or so ago I started paddling prone, after being inspired by people like Julia Nicholls, Katie Elzer-Peters, Danielle Goldston,Chandler Bold and John Beausang.  I remember the first few times I tried to paddle my prone board in...


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