The Inland Paddler: Diversions in the time of Covid-19

Not gonna lie, today is hard. It is taking a lot to not go down the bunny hole of despair, given the most recent turn of events. And I am finding it hard to practice some of the things I have talked about doing...

The Inland Paddler: Learning to Catch the Vertical Bumps…

Or...Lessons from the Climbing Wall. This offseason has been great.  I mean really great.  I have been listening to the aches and pains and backing off. I have been resting and making a concerted effort to get as close to eight hours of sleep each...

The Inland Paddler: Roads to Recovery

Waterproofing the Surf Injury
Waterproofing the Surf Injury I'll tell you what. No one likes to be on the Injured/Disabled List, but I'll take a laceration, like the one my sup surfboard fin gave me almost three weeks ago, over a soft tissue injury any day. You get almost...

The Inland Paddler: Summer Must Have Paddle Gear

Summer Must Have Paddle Gear
Summer Must Have Paddle Gear With the temps starting to warm up, I recently made the decision to retire the dry suits to the storage closet and am anxiously awaiting the moment when I can do the same with all the neoprene.  This is the...

Drysuit Comparison: Starboard All Star SUP Suit v. Ocean Rodeo Heat

Cold Weather Options
Dress for the Water: A Comparison of Cold Weather Options The days are starting to get longer, and here in the South we've had some extremely unseasonably warm weather lately, but the water is still cold. My flatwater paddling venues still are well below the...

The Inland Paddler: Finding that Moment

Inland Paddler Finding the Moment
In the best races, there is always that moment. That moment when you just know. When you realize that no matter what you are paddling through, against or with, you are going to make it. You are going to accomplish your goal. And then some. Last...

The Inland Paddler: Carolina Cup Essential Kit

Essential Gear for Surviving the Carolina Cup Paddle Race
Essential Gear for Surviving the Carolina Cup Paddle Race I am really am making an effort to not take so much stuff with me when I travel. Especially to races.  But let's just face it - paddling is a gear-intensive sport. And a lot of...

Gear Review: Optrix by Body Glove Waterproof iPhone Case

Optrix iPhone Case
Before I start, let me be perfectly clear. There is no such thing as a foolproof waterproof phone case. Operator error makes that impossible. Natural degradation of materials - in particular rubber seals and gaskets - makes that impossible. That's not necessarily the fault...

The Inland Paddler: Non-Paddles of Thanksgiving

What a whirlwind, these last few weeks! What with the last race of the year at the Surf to Sound at Wrightsville, the post-season let-down, followed by a national, non-paddle event that has affected all of us one way or another here in The...

Gear Review: Virus International Women’s Lunar Active Tech Pant

Virus Lunar
Virus International, you had me with a stretchy pocket on the thigh of your  LUNAR Active Tech Pant.  That one little detail is huge. Brilliant.  How many times have I wanted a place to quickly stash my keys, wallet or phone while loading boards,...

Because We’re All About The Base

base layer for paddling
NOTE: So Lisa, the Inland Paddler, made this graphic and we stole it, but we made her the author of this post because she's the inspiration, but we don't want to be confusing and make you think she said what we're saying below, which is, IT'S COLD AF...

Inland Paddler: The Force Awakens

Lisa Schell, Inland Paddler
“Lisa!! You are in an OC-2 with Jeremy Riggs! PUKE. YOU. WILL. NOT!” My Inner Voice - which can sound a lot like Yoda, scolded me. “Huli (capsize or flip) you will not!!” We were in the middle of the famed Maliko Run, roughly a...

The Inland Paddler: Lisa’s Luxury List of Must-Have Cold Weather Gear

I am determined to be a Weather Weenie no more. I’ve already written about the magical Fall mornings I have experienced in the crisp air around Barton’s Creek at Falls Lake here in Raleigh. The 48-degree temps were manageable with the right kit. Then, we...

Gear Review: Season Five Kiowa Hoodie

On November 8th, I broke the rule of “never try anything new on race day” and have lived to tell about it. In fact, I am thrilled with my deviation from THE golden rule. Having just finished the Chattajack 31 mile race on a...

The Inland Paddler: What a difference a year makes! Recapping the 2017 Carolina Cup

OC2 View of the Carolina Cup
OC2 View of the Carolina Cup Last year, after training all winter in the OC1, which I was still new to, I made a big splash on my first-ever Graveyard course. Literally. I flipped or huli'd four, count 'em four, times before even making it...

Gear Review: Season Five Basalt Hoodie

In order to stay comfortable and safe during the winter paddle season, you have to be prepared for anything. And that means having a well-rounded arsenal of kit to handle whatever Mother Nature is going to throw out at you between Fall and Spring. Season...

Inland Paddler: Attitude Adjustment at Altitude

Lisa Maui
"Ladies and gentlemen, we need you to fasten your seat belts and return your seats to their upright positions," the flight attendant said, with obvious strain in her voice. The cabin lights came full on as another flight attendant made her way down the...

Gear Review: Virus Aquatic Performance V2 Airprene Compression Tech Shorts

I'm guessing the folks at Virus might have heard about my OC wardrobe malfunction of late. 'Cause not too long after that rather gripping experience, these shorts arrived in the mail for me to test. Where have they been all my paddling life?? Now, make no...

The Inland Paddler: Winter Approaches

Perhaps I am making peace with the Powers that Be, the Keepers of the Time (not to be confused with the Time Lords) the Changer of Seasons, and/or the fact that Winter is Coming. My last two Dawn Patrols have been, in a word,...

Merging Forward!

“What can take place without change?” - Marcus Aurelius Some 10 years ago or so, I discovered Stand Up Paddling.  I was a die-hard expedition sea kayaker, and I was at a regional paddle symposium learning how to roll my boat with a long, skinny Greenland...

The Inland Paddler: Lucky Number Six – Reflections on Chattajack

Chattajack 2019 - Lucky Number Six Holy crap! It is hard to fathom that this year, I will have paddled up to the start line of the Chattajack river race six times.  In a row.  When I did that for the first time back in...

The Inland Paddler: The End of a Season

The Inland Paddler: Outdoor Instructor Life When you are passionate about something, there is nothing more rewarding than introducing someone to the thing you love the most. And for almost every weekend during the warm months over the last five years, I have been fortunate...

The Inland Paddler: Getting Back to the Water

Getting Back in the Water I am a rule follower...as a rule. Maybe it’s because as a child I was afraid of getting in trouble.  Maybe it comes from being a public servant for years. Both? Anyway, I have been observing our state’s stay at home...

The Inland Paddler: Reconnecting with the Prone Zone

Rediscovering the Magic of Prone Paddling
Rediscovering the Magic of Prone Paddling Three years or so ago I started paddling prone, after being inspired by people like Julia Nicholls, Katie Elzer-Peters, Danielle Goldston,Chandler Bold and John Beausang.  I remember the first few times I tried to paddle my prone board in...

The Inland Paddler: All the Leaves are Brown and the Sky is Gray

Today is the Winter Solstice - well, at exactly 5:44 this morning. That moment where the sun shines at its most southern point, directly over the Tropic of Capricorn. The shortest day of the year, or the longest night, depending on your perspective. And it is...

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