The Inland Paddler: T-Minus Eight Days and Counting

Chattajack. If you haven't noticed, we've been kind of Chatta-obsessed here at the Mullet. And with reason.  This is the biggie. Our Inland Molokai to Oahu. Instead of bumps and tradewinds, we will slog 32 miles on flat water that might be torn up by...

Race Reporter’s Notebook: What I Saw at the Games

This year's Pacific Paddle Games at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA marked a first for me - the first time I have ever gone to a paddle race as purely a spectator or observer and chronicler. Instead of a race bib, I...

The Inland Paddler: New Places, New Perspectives

This time of year, it's easy for me to not see the forest for the trees.  In other words, I get so focused on the Big Race of the Year and or paddling the same place workout after workout that I forget to look...

Gear Review: Mocke Life Line Craft Leash

At this year's ChuckTown Showdown, a fellow OC-1 racer  showed me his leash, the Mocke Life Line Craft Leash.  I was immediately intrigued. And being the gear geek I am ...I quickly purchased one. Here's why it's a great option if you paddle OC, or surfski...

The Inland Paddler: Finding that Moment

Inland Paddler Finding the Moment
In the best races, there is always that moment. That moment when you just know. When you realize that no matter what you are paddling through, against or with, you are going to make it. You are going to accomplish your goal. And then some. Last...

The Inland Paddler: Yo-ho Yo-ho A Paddler’s Life for Me

I love pirates. I blame Walt Disney and his Imagineers. They had me from the first time I plunged into the depths of their vision of New Orleans under siege aboard the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.  All it took was that...

Music On the Water: Sneak Peak at a New Way to Take the Tunes Along

Gear Preview Fusion StereoActive
Several weeks ago, Mullet Central got an email inviting us to take a first look at a new audio device that its makers said was destined to change the way we think about music when paddling. I admit, I was skeptical. But definitely intrigued. I sometimes...

The Inland Paddler: Learning Away the Fear

Paddle race season will be ending sooner than we might wish. At least for me, October more or less signals the end of a training season that began in earnest back in December and a race season that got under way in April. Wow, what...

Gear Review: Virus Aquatic Performance V2 Airprene Compression Tech Shorts

I'm guessing the folks at Virus might have heard about my OC wardrobe malfunction of late. 'Cause not too long after that rather gripping experience, these shorts arrived in the mail for me to test. Where have they been all my paddling life?? Now, make no...

The Inland Paddler: Reflections on the Gorge

Inland Padder Cosmic Gorge
Places known for their epic downwind conditions are special.  They are usually breathtakingly beautiful, and they seem to be alive with an electricity you can actually feel on your skin. They vibrate with a cosmic resonance, the kind more commonly associated with new agey,...

The Quest for the Perfect Bag: Boreas Gear Erawan Pack

Gear Review Boreas Erawan
The search for the perfect bag is a thing with me. It's a quixotic thing...like Don Quiote chasing after those windmills, I am always chasing after the better bag- the better bag for everyday carrying, for gear, for travel, and especially for travel with...

The Inland Paddler: Wedged between an Ama and a Hard Place….sort of

Inland Paddler OC wedgie
We have all had wardrobe malfunctions of one sort of another during our lifetimes. Some have probably been more embarrassing than others. But I am here to tell you that the last WM you want to have, at least in the non-prone position, when...

The Inland Paddler On Being the Bug

Inland Paddler Being the Bug
To quote Mary Chapin Carpenter, some times you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug. Last Saturday was a bug day. As in I bugged out. A quarter of the way into the Cape Story OC race across the bay at Virginia Beach. Funny thing was, I...

Gear Review: Ion Products Hydration Vest Comp

Gear Review Ion Hydration Vest
Hydration. Next to our PFDs and leashes,  our onboard, on bod water supply system might just be one of the most important pieces of gear we carry with us. And while CamelBak and others have been producing a variety of great hydration packs for...

The Inland Paddler: United Outside

Inland Paddler United Outside
I don’t want to wax political. Yet, the events of this week, well really the last month, make me deeply, deeply sad. Like many of us, I woke up to the news of Dallas this morning and found myself plunged into a funk not...

Gear Review: Deckbagz Retro Sup Deck Bag

Gear Review DeckBagz
I am always looking for a better way to carry my stuff on my deck when I paddle.  I try to minimize the amount of accoutrements I take with me but there are those times when I find I need cargo capacity.  Maybe it's a...

Gear Review: Reflekt Unsinkable Polarized FLOATING Sunglasses

Reflekt sunglasses
It's well-known that the bottoms of Falls and Jordan lakes, as well as many other aquatic substrates are littered with things that belong to me. And some things that don't, like a sup yoga 10-pound anchor I lost Sunday (sorry Outdoor School!) But, usually...

Summer Skin 911 for the People Who Paddle

Raise your hand if you are glad summer is right around the corner! I know that I am ecstastic that I can now leave the neoprene behind, kick off the booties, and enjoy paddling in boardies and lightweight paddle tops! But the advent of the...

Gear Review Redux: Another Look at a Classic – Bluesmiths Kanaha Shirt

Bluesmiths Kanaha
Three years ago, Cousin Mullet extolled upon the Mullet Nation the virtues of the Kanaha long sleeved paddle shirt from Maui-based Bluesmiths. But, after spending nearly three weeks just about living in one, I am compelled to take another look at it.  In three...

Gear Review: Geckobrands Waterproof Sports Series All Sport Backpack

Geckobrands Allsport Backpack
So....were you at the Carolina Cup this year?  Did you do the Graveyard Race? On SUP? Well, let me just apologize to you now for making you wait for your turn to go through the shorebreak carnage.  I was the one outrigger who huli'd...

The Inland Paddler: I wish…I wish…

The Inland Paddler Carolina Cup
...to go to the festival! It's Carolina Cup Week, and nothing is more like the King's Festival than this in the paddling world.  And the Big Dance is of course the Graveyard Course. The 13 mile waltz off the beach, into the ocean, through one...

Gear Review: Virus International Women’s Lunar Active Tech Pant

Virus Lunar
Virus International, you had me with a stretchy pocket on the thigh of your  LUNAR Active Tech Pant.  That one little detail is huge. Brilliant.  How many times have I wanted a place to quickly stash my keys, wallet or phone while loading boards,...

Gear Review: Expedition/Touring Dry Backpacks

Dry bags
If you've never gone camping via your paddleboard, you're missing a real treat. If you like camping, that is. And maybe even if you don't. But touring and camping a la sup requires a little bit of a twist in thinking when it comes...

The Inland Paddler: Live Life, Live Aloha Because You Can

Inland Paddler
I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "going because you can" or more to the point, "going because you should anyway." Many of us have been training hard through the long dark teatime of the winter- maybe for the Carolina Cup, maybe just...

Gear Review: Smartphone Weather Apps to Help you Stay Smart on and off the Water

Dark Sky
We have a wonderful saying here in the South when out-of-towners grouse about our seemingly unpredictable meteorological conditions.  “Don’t like the weather? Just wait five minutes, y’all.” At no time during the year is this more true than in the summer, when we get into...

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