50+ aliases for sugar—and 4 quick tips for sleuthing ‘em out

Sugar in Disquise
by Amy B. Beausang, PharmD, RPh, Certified Health Coach I’ve already posted a bit about how I feel about sugar and it’s affects (See part 1). But I didn’t comment on how sneaky it is. Sugar exists in numerous, numerous forms. Often with names that...

Mind Body Sup Connection? Take This Survey!

Sup mind body spirit survey
Mullet Central got this note  from SUP Nurse Sue, who is doing research on the effects of stand up paddling on the mind, body and spirit. We're guessing she'll simply quantify what we already know, so let's help give her the data! SUP Nurse Sue...

Remaining calm and healthy through Halloween

When I think about trick or treating with my 5-year-old. I can't help but see dancing kit kats and peanutbutter cups, snickers and Almond Joys, mocking me. Blowing rasperries and wagging their wrappers. I think I’ll just rock back and forth with my vitamix and...


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