Don’t be duped by store-bought “healthy” green drinks

Green Drinks
Don’t be duped: discover what’s lurking in “healthy” green drinks—why reading the BACK of the container is more important than ever My, my, how the times have changed. Wasn’t that long ago that drinking anything green was totally left up to those “tree-hugging, health-nut, yogi”...

Mind Body Sup Connection? Take This Survey!

Sup mind body spirit survey
Mullet Central got this note  from SUP Nurse Sue, who is doing research on the effects of stand up paddling on the mind, body and spirit. We're guessing she'll simply quantify what we already know, so let's help give her the data! SUP Nurse Sue...

Everything in Moderation – Including Moderation

Are you a moderator or an abstainer? Amy Beausang examines how discovering that personality trait can be a key to making sure your nutrition is dialed in as an athlete in her blog post "Why Eating in Moderation Might not Work for You." "I have...


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