Sugar Trippin’: My Not-So-Sweet Journey On This Addictive Drug

Sugar Addiction
by Amy B. Beausang, PharmD, RPh, Certified Health Coach I am addicted to sugar. If you saw me, you would say, “yeah right”. I’m not the stereotypical poster child for one with a raging sweet tooth. I’m not overweight, in fact I’ll go ahead and say...

Winter Workout Motivation: Look for the Instant Gratification!

If you've already started looking ahead to the next paddle season or you just want to kickstart your workout strategy, Amy Beausang makes a good argument regarding motivation.  Think about focusing on the immediate benefits, not necessarily those long-term goals. "Reframe your thinking around exercise....

Everything in Moderation – Including Moderation

Are you a moderator or an abstainer? Amy Beausang examines how discovering that personality trait can be a key to making sure your nutrition is dialed in as an athlete in her blog post "Why Eating in Moderation Might not Work for You." "I have...


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