Is there REALLY a new VW Van Camper coming? Not to the US. Check out the VW California SE

I've seen these viral photos for years now. Concept vans. Photos that go everywhere with the title "THE NEW VW CAMPER VAN! Then... all we hear are crickets. "We read, "HIPPIES REJOICE!" and then, again, crickets." So here it is, the VW California that's available...

Awesome Nomadic SUP T-Shirt

Just got an awesome Nomadic SUP tshirt from Cody White and our friends in Key West. They do Paddleboard Adventures, Explorations, and Tours of Key West and the Florida Keys. Most of all, they go everywhere and paddle. They explore. I think that's what I love...

Gear Review: Skratch Labs Hydration Mix

(image from www.skratchlabs.com) "Symptoms of hyponatremia include nausea and vomiting, headache, confusion, lethargy, fatigue, loss of appetite, restlessness and irritability, muscle weakness, spasms, or cramps, seizures, and decreased consciousness or coma." Well, thankfully, a year ago this week, I didn't end up in a coma or...

Rooftop Camping: drive to your site and climb up on your roof-top tent from Tepui Tents

Tepui Tents is out of Santa Cruz California. They designed and created an incredibly well constructed tent that secures to the top of your car or truck rack. On top of a trailer. High quality polyester fabric with a mattress in size. Interior pockets....

Garmin 310XT – How to set up custom data fields & basic intervals

Here is a repost of an article Kim Sutton wrote for us about how to set up custom data fields and basic intervals on the Garmin 310XT. Before reading this article, make sure your watch is already set up with your personal information and...

RAWElements Sunscreen with Suzie Cooney of Suzie Trains Maui

The Mullet trusts Suzie Cooney and if she likes RAWElements, so do we. From Suzie: I only represent the companies I believe in and when it comes to sunscreen, I choose RAWElements USA. The first non-GMO, organic sunscreen that offers you total protection and also environmental...

Nutrition Review: UB Super Supplement

UB Super Bottle
Back in April, Scott from UB Super pressed a shaker bottle and some packets into my hand during Biathlon registration and said "Here try this." And then there was Carolina Cup and Key West and a broken leg and the pot book and I...

Walk-through of the Dub Box Camper from the 2016 Surf Expo

Dub Box Camper
Oregon-based Dub Box USA created a custom fiberglass mold from two vintage VW vans to make custom campers, food and event carts. The campers are 2000 pounds and camper models start around $22,000. Campers • Custom paint color • Standard wheels with moon caps • Hob sink/stove combination •...

Mullet Movie Guide: When You Need a Distraction

Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies
Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies We did summer reading, but what about movies? There are plenty of  fun water related flicks out there to make it through those times when you can’t get to the wet, are sidelined by injuries or just want a...

All I want for Christmas is a Bluesmiths Hoodie

A year ago I had never heard of Bluesmiths. Now I have to be one of their most devoted fans. At the Surf to Sound race in Wrightsville Beach last weekend I saw at least four other people wearing the Kanaha, which is their...

How to thrive—not survive—the holiday season

Ah, Thanksgiving—the time to gather with family and loved ones, reflect on our blessings, watch football, and of course, partake of the season’s yummy goodness. I see Thanksgiving as the official kick-off to the holiday season. Pretty much from now until January 1, there will...

Riviera 2013 SUP’s

Here is a quick overview of the Riviera Paddlesurf 2013 Standup Paddleboard Line

Stroke Rate, Distance Per Stoke and Paddling Efficiency

I have been training with my Speed Coach for several months now and I have to say, I like it… a lot. There are some things I wish it had (like a download capability and maybe an ice cream dispenser), but overall I am...

View from the Back: Cold Weather Paddle Gear

Winter 2012-2013 marks my third winter of stand up paddling. I think I'm finally getting the hang of my gear. Granted, the longer paddling is around, the more stuff people come up with for us to use. I'm kind of a gearhead, too. Not...

Werner Paddles Celebrates 50 Years!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact Danny Mongno-Marketing Manager 425-314-6539 [email protected] www.wernerpaddles.com   Werner Paddles. Celebrates 50 years of Handcrafting Paddles. 1/05/15. Sultan, WA, USA In 1965 Werner Furrer Sr. designed and hand crafted the very first Werner Paddle. 50 years later we are honored to invite all of those who helped us achieve...

The Inland Paddler: Lisa’s Luxury List of Must-Have Cold Weather Gear

I am determined to be a Weather Weenie no more. I’ve already written about the magical Fall mornings I have experienced in the crisp air around Barton’s Creek at Falls Lake here in Raleigh. The 48-degree temps were manageable with the right kit. Then, we...

Leashes 101: It’s that Time Again

It’s time to talk about leashes. Why we need them. What kind to use. What kind not to use and how to take care of them. Again.  Lots of new folks are joining us on the water during the pandemic so here's a primer. Why...

Product Review: The SUP Hipster

When I first started paddleboarding, I lived maybe 100 yards from Lake Michigan. 50 yards up a dune, and 50 yards down a steep set of stairs. Needless to say, I pretty quickly started looking for an easier way to carry the board to...

Gear Review: Smartwool for Ladies Only

Okay guys - as in the gentlemen-  sorry but...you might want to sit this one out. This one is for the girls. Recently someone sent me a not-so-subtle hint to take a look at merino wool sports bras, and I have to admit, at first...

What Not to Wear (While Paddleboarding)

Hopefully Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear will never show up at my house with a camera. I guess being a freelancer means the only "coworker" who could turn me in is my dog, and she likes to go naked, anyway, so...

Introducing QB and Hobie Paddle Collaboration from Quickblade Paddles

"You make cool stuff. We make cool stuff. We should make cool stuff together." That's how the collaboration between Hobie SUP and Quickblade began. But what started as Match Sticks, a more aesthetic concept where custom, high-performance Quickblade paddles were created to match the design of custom,...

Brian Szymanski and John Becker talk about Lahui Kai at the Outdoor Retailers Expo

Brian Szymanski and John Becker have recently joined Lahui Kai. Two of the standup paddle industry's most talented people have the opportunity to bring their dreams and aspirations for standup paddling to fruition though their partnership with SUPATX and Lahui Kai's Mick DiBetta. They...

Book Review…Standup Paddle: A Paddlers Guide

A Steve West/Kanue Culture/Batini Books Paddlers Guide to  STAND UP PADDLE: A Paddlers Guide Forward by Travis Grant REVIEW: Steve West took 5+ years to compile this 500-page definitive resource on SUP. That's about a pound of information per year. When you stay at a hotel for...

GoPro Athlete Tips and Tricks Stand Up Paddling with Kai Lenny

Kai teaches us how best capture the sport of stand up paddling.

Epic V8 Surfski Experience with Jim Smith

A summary of my first month of paddling the second generation Epic V8 Surfski. Please contact me if you are ever in Southeastern, North Carolina and would like to test an Epic Surfski. I am the proud owner of a V8, V10, and V12...
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