Behind the Scenes: Sonni Hoenschied & BLUESMITHS Hydrophobic Shirts Pre-Molokai2Oahu

Some "behind the scenes" footage from our latest Hydrophobic Shirt. Best wishes to @sonnihoenscheid and she defends her M20 Molokai2Oahu title

John Kleintop interview at Pukka Custom Headwear, Shirts and Sweatshirts: 2018 Surf Expo

Custom Hats By Pukka Pukka Headwear makes all our hats and we love the level of customization coupled with the low minimum orders (48) that can then be broken up into different styles in groups of 12. They also have shirts and sweatshirts and you...

Summer Trends: Introducing the Jeado

Thanks to Peter Maguire for directing me to this Instinct article on the Jeado... "It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too." lol Buy them here and no, we make...

Artist Paddler Family: Check out the ceramics from Chaotic Earth Pottery

Chaotic Earth Pottery
Many of you know two-thirds of the Yang family in Hood River Oregon: Joel and Jhacoli Yang have been regulars on the Mullet, interviewing paddlers and SUP industry folks over the years from Outdoor Retailer Expo and from their home in Hood River, Oregon....

Fanatic’s SUP/Surf Collection for 2015

Looking for a new board? You're gonna want to take a look at Fanatic's 2015 line!   Waveboards: 2015 sees five brand new shapes being added to the ProWave line - the most extreme high performance Waveriding collection ever! The AllWave guarantees smooth Surfing. Coming in six sizes and available in LTD...

L2Fish Stand Up Fishing Paddle Board from Live Watersports

The L2 from Live Watersports looks like the mac daddy of all fishing paddle board crafts. I think you could take a family of 4 on this. It may have the most deck space of any of the fishing SUPs. It is substantial and...

Rivera Paddlesurf Timmy Patterson Rising Sun 9’2″ Review

Riviera Paddlesurf Rising Sun is a great standup option for shortboarders looking to standup paddle. It’s hard to say who would be perfect for this board because it depends on weight and experience. The heavier a paddler is, the more volume you would expect...

New Hobie Polarized Mojo Sunglasses

I picked up a pair of the Mojos at the Carolina Cup in April. The Polycarbonate lenses are super crisp and clear. When I put them on, it felt like I was seeing for the very first time. The large frames cut out all peripheral light...

Landpaddling with Marvin and Mo

Hamboards is happy to have Marvin and Mo Freitas on team Hamboards. The brothers are both some of the best pro Stand Up Paddleboard athletes out there and to see them shred Hamboards is like nothing else.

Stand Strong: Fail Fast

“The biggest mistake you can make is the fear of making one.” It comes as a surprise to some of the athletes I coach when I tell them to “fail fast." As fall approaches and most major events are over, now is a perfect time to...

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