Starboard SUP Polo The future of SUP

A worlds first, Starboard have launched the first SUP Polo field to host the game in full action. Connor Baxter and Chris Parker from SUPracer.com tested the field with the first match in Bangkok. See Polo boards here : http://star-board-sup.com/2016/boards... See Polo paddles here :http://star-board-sup.com/2016/paddle... For full...

Fin Box Lock: Simple, Brilliant Surf and Paddle Board Security

This is one of the coolest and most simple surf board and paddle board security gear must-haves we've seen. It is simply two pieces of metal that fit into your fin box and once the cable is fed through the two holes, it can...

Mullet Trucker Hat Sale $10 plus shipping

Mullet Trucker Hat
When you buy a hat or shirt, you help support the Distressed Mullet. We are a small company with a huge love of paddle boarding. Every hat and shirt counts and we really appreciate the support. The Mullet Trucker I paddled all afternoon and came to...

Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant

Sharks hunt with the help of very sensitive electroreceptors. The Sharkbanz magnetic shark repellant bands act like a bright light to their system and repels them. It goes on like a watch or anklet. The tech has been around for 10 years and has...

RinseKit Portable Shower Review

If I had to rank things that I like from Surf Expo and things I'm going to get from Surf Expo, the RinseKit Portable Shower tops the list. I need one. I surf, paddle, fish, get dirty, get sandy, have a 4-year old daughter...

Jeremy Riggs on the Velocitek Makai

Jeremy Riggs (paddlewithriggs.com) from Maui discusses the Velocitek Makai. Jeremy is a long-time Mullet contributor and one of the world's best downwind specialists and teachers. This is a walkthrough with Jeremy. I've been paying around with the Velocitek Makai. The display is amazing and clear....

Beautiful Rareform Billboard Bags and Accessories made from recycled billboards

Rareform intercepts billboards on their way to the landfill, then washes, cuts, and sews each bag meticulously in California. Every board, paddle, laptop bag and iPhone case is unique. For more information, go to the Rareform Website: http://www.Rareform.com On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rareform On Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/rareform/ Go to their Products board: https://www.pinterest.com/rareform/our-products/ On...

Dryrobe: The Surfer’s Changing Snuggy

Dryrobe is easily one of the best things I saw at Surf Expo. It reminds me of the sideline jackets we had in high-school football. I have been looking on eBay on occasion for one, but never found one. I was standing in line...

Restube: Non-USCG-Approved Floatation Aid a great future option

One of the really great gear finds at the Surf Expo was Restube. This is a twist on the belt PFD in that it trails behind you on a 5-foot lead—like an inflatable lifeguard rescue can. You inflate it in the same way that you...

Surf Expo Update: Paddle Board Gear and Photos

You are a dog. You hate squirrels. You love tennis balls. You get your email by sniffing dog butts. Now throw that dog—you— into a tennis ball fight an a squirrel convention, held in the museum for dog butts. That's Surf Expo. It's not pretty, it's...

Jabra Sport Pulse: Wireless sport earbuds with built-in heart rate monitor

It has all the basic features of a wireless sport headphone: IP55, water, sweat and dust protection. 5.5 hour battery life is kind of short, but it's doing a lot and I'm sure later versions will last longer. The heart rate monitor is integrated into...

Whitewater SUP and Leashes

Leashes in whitewater
by Trey Knight The topic of leashes in whitewater paddling on a SUP is complicated, unique and a personal choice. I hope to bring some new perspective to people’s view on this and help them increase their sphere of awareness on the river. This article...

Tentsile Suspension Tents

Tentsile Tents produces portable tree houses—3 person tents that are suspended in trees. They are AMAZING! Each tent has reinforced nylon on the ends and 20 feet of strap on each end giving you 45 feet to stretch between trees. You can stack them, add walls...

Bike SUP Trailer by Salamander Paddle Gear

This is definitely one of the cooler things we saw at Outdoor Retailers Expo. It's a SUP trailer that attaches to your bike. It is solidly built with 4 removable sections to expand and contract based on the length of your paddleboard. There is...

Catalyst waterproof iPhone and iWatch waterproof drop-proof case review

GUESS WHAT: THIS CASE HAD A MASSIVE FAILURE AND OUR IPHONE was DESTROYED. We can not recommend this product. And, they company didn't stand behind the product or replace the phone. We were very disappointed. Of all the accessories at the outdoor retailer expo in...

Stomp Box: Retractable River SUP Fin and Fin Box for Inflatable SUPs

Hala Gear
Pavla from Hala Gear walks us through the Stomp Box retractable river SUP fin and fin box for inflatable stand up paddle boards. When a board goes over a shallow section or a submerged rock or structure, the fin retracts into the board and fin...

First Look at the Yeti Hopper 20 Soft Cooler Bag

This is a peak at the new Yeti Hopper 20 Soft Cooler Bag from the Yeti Hopper 20 Soft Cooler at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. The YETI Hopper™ 20 fits 12 cans It's puncture-resistant, leakproof and sports an anti-microbial liner that...

Futures Fins new line of SUP fins

Here is a first look at the Manta, Red Fish, Small Triangle Cutaway, and Flexible Polyurethane River and Rental fins from Futures Fins for 2015/2016 from the Outdoor Retailer Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about Futures Fins Go to your local Futures Dealer or check them...

How to convert an insulated bike water bottle into one with a hose for paddleboarding

This is a step-by step video tutorial on how to make an insulated Polar water bottle into one with a hose for prone paddleboarding. It is one of the amazing tips we learned at the AMAZING prone paddleboard clinic by Cynthia Aguilar in June...

GoPro Hero Session is out and Chuck Patterson is at the Dentist to have it removed

Chuck Patterson GoPro Hero 4 Session
Introducing the GoPro HERO4 Session, the smallest, lightest, most convenient GoPro yet. Its rugged, waterproof design eliminates the need for a separate housing, while a single button powers on the camera and starts recording automatically. With 1080p60 video, up to 100 frames per second and 8MP...

Gear Review: VestPac

VestPac sent me a WilsonPac to try this winter! I've finally used it enough to be able to write a review! Here are the specs from their website: The WilsonPac has been endorsed by some of the worlds top stand up paddlers (SUPers) as the best hydration...

How to Download and Install LiNK for MAC on the NKS Speed Coach

FROM THE NKS WEBSITE LiNK For OS X We have released the LiNK software for transferring, viewing and exporting data files from the Training Pack versions of the SpeedCoach GPS Model 2 and SpeedCoach SUP 2. LiNK for OS X Version 1.23.03 - Download Here! Note: LiNK is...

Cynthia Aguilar Prone Paddleboard: The Gear

Wonder Bracket from Coastal Eddie holds two water bottles and a gps, gel bottle, etc. $69.99
We had an amazing prone Paddleboard clinic with Cynthia Aguilar last week. There were so many parts and so much knowledge to take away that we decided to break it apart into a series. This is part 1: The Gear. Water Bottles Any bike water bottles...

Cheapest Gear Bag that’s not a bag: It’s a bucket

Home Depot Bucket
The problem with paddling is that you have to bring a lot of gear that inevitably (hopefully) gets wet. How do you carry your gear to the car and what do you do with it when you're done? Do you stick it in the backseat and risk having it...

Gear Alert: Velocitech Makai GPS

Jeremy Riggs just started using a new Makai GPS from @velocitek and recently recorded one of his fastest Maliko runs this year. It's been very helpful having the Makai GPS on board for instant feedback. "It has a mounting plate that sticks on your board. It comes...

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