Werner Rip Stick Surf Specific SUP Paddle footage from Santa Cruz

This is a cool quick video of Jeramie Vaine and Fiona Wilde in Santa Cruz. That wave looks amazing! wernerpaddles.com/paddles/stand-up/sup-surfing The Rip Stick is the answer to what surfers want. More power from a smaller blade. Smaller blade size means a higher cadence for bursts of...

Johnny Puakea on standup paddles, pitch, scoop and drag

Talking about the Catch 22 series at Surf Expo ranging from the 8" paddle to the 7 1/4" blade made with less angle to increase the grab or catch of the paddle and help bring the paddler past the blade. The scoop is decreased to...

Congratulations KIALOA: Celebrating 25th Anniversary

It's so cool to see this. I knew Kialoa had been making paddles for a long time, but had no idea they'd been at it for 25 years. Dave and Meg Chun were two of the first people I ever met in the industry...

Hobie and QuickBlade collaboration with matching custom boards and paddles

Hobie Performance Lab and QuickBlade Match Sticks
In a world of paranoid competition and shrinking markets, how do two companies like Hobie and Quickblade come together for an artistic and craftsmanship collaboration? How the houses of two craftsmen came together Jimmy Terrell from QuickBlade reads an article in the LA Times (Great article: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-made-in-california-hobie-20151023-story.html). Jimmy calls Sean...

QuickBlade: How to Use the Composite Patch Kit

In this video, Jim Terrell shows you how to use the Composite Patch Kit from Quickblade to do some repairs on your paddles or carbon fiber boards. QB just started selling a Carbon Fiber Patch kit for paddles and boards. If you've ever traveled to a...

How To Glue a Top Onto a Stand Up Paddle by Kialoa Paddles

Dave Chun of KIALOA Paddles shows you how to top a KIALOA stand up paddle.

The story behind the name: QuickBlade Paddles 25 year anniversary

Every wonder how QuickBlade Paddles got it's name? Here's a video from the 25-year anniversary party where Jimmy Terrell talks story.

Sneak Peak at the 2016 Starboard Bolt Paddle from Starboard SUP with Dan Gavere

Have you ever considered floatation and volume in your paddle? Dan Gavere walks us through the 2016 line of Starboard Paddles and in particular the Starboard Bolt Paddle. For more info about Dan Gavere: https://www.facebook.com/dan.gavere For more info on Starboard SUP, go to: http://star-board-sup.com/ On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/starboardsup On Twitter:...

Gear Review: Kialoa Hulu (Small blade)

Let me start by saying that the first paddle I ever used was a Kialoa and I've had Kialoa paddles ever since. They feel comfortable to me and they fit with my price point. I've paddled with other paddles occasionally to try them and...

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey Grip

Pau Hana Surf Supply Monkey GRip
For a limited time, Pau Hana Surf Supply will be sending out a free Monkey Grip with every carbon fiber paddle. Warning, monkeys have been known to throw feces. And they tend to grip you, not the paddle. Choose from Howler, Spider or Golden-headed lion tamarin versions. For...


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