Art of the Paddle

One thing that I think is pretty cool is seeing the different graphic designs that paddle-related businesses come up with. (Wow, that's a clunky sentence, but you know what I mean.) Of course, function is paramount, but it doesn't hurt to have something pretty...

2015 Infinity Blackfish ST Stand Up Paddle Raceboard

From the Infinity 2015 Catalogue: Blackfish series of boards is the latest evolution in design by Dave Boehne. Taking the concept of hydrodynamic surf design in an all-new collection of boards that have taken the race paddle scene by storm. The concept was simple as...

The New SIC FX for 2016 walk through with Mark Raaphorst

SIC had a huge week at the Outdoor Retailers Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. They won SUPConnect Gear of the Year. Last year, they had the board of the year from Outside Magazine. It seems like they're always holding some kind of trophy...

First look at the 2015 Hobie Apex 4R 14’x27.5″ Stand Up Paddle Board

Hobie Apex 4R 14 Stand Up Paddleboard
The first thing you'll notice about the 2015 Hobie Apex 4R 14'x27.5" stand up paddle board is how light it is. At 25 lbs, this is a one-hander all-day long. Carrying it to the shore, dock, garage or car is easy. The next thing is...

SUP In the City with Fanatic SUP

Oh the places you can go with their new inflatable. Fanatic SUP team riders Klaas Voget, Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Paulina Herpel went for a SUP adventure in Hamburg. "Moin! Moin! Fly Air City Fun" shows how much fun Stand Up Paddling in the city can...

Riviera Paddlesurf FishOn for 2016

I got to take a tour of the 2016 Riviera FishOn at the Fall Surf Expo in Orlando. It has every tie-down and ram mount imaginable. Extremely stable and efficient hull design. 12'6" x 34 x 6, 350 liters. Fully equipped with 5 neoprene...

First look at the 2015 BIC SUP Tracer paddleboard series

BIC SUP’s new TRACER series (“Touring-Racer”) excels as both a performance race board and an all-purpose touring board. Designed for riders who want speed and glide as well as comfort and stability, these new shapes are heavily influenced by the RACE-PRO series of high...

How to Setup the YOLO Board Inflatable SUP

http://www.yoloboard.com/shop/yolo-inflatable-fishing-board.php Learn all about setting up the YOLO Board inflatable SUP. Now you can stand up paddle board anywhere with YOLO’s new inflatable board and collapsible paddle. Great for traveling or storing on your boat. This tutorial teaches you how to setup and break down...

It has never been a better time to buy a used board: Riviera Paddlesurf

HUGE end of the year sales from Riviera. Visit Riviera's Used boards here Don't forget to subscribe to the CHUM Newsletter to get Used Board Updates, News, Events and Information

Starboard’s Dan Gavere Explains the Astro Inflatable Stream

I love this board. I got to ride it in the Ultimate SUP Challenge in Ottawa this past summer. From Dan: Starboard team rider Dan Gavere, takes us through the features and benefits of the 2014 Astro Stream Inflatable board. dan help design this board specifically...


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