STARBOARD Dream Team "SUP TOMO" riding on STARBOARD "HYPER NUT" 6'9 23" 69L. Super fun at small waves condition!!

Standup Paddleboard Nearshore Dive Vehicle (NDV) -patent pending

This technology is a converts inflatable standup paddleboard to a dive vehicle and dive buoy so that divers can reach near-shore jetties or reefs. It is to reach the sites that are just out of swimming range. Small trolling motor, cut down and modified, controlled from...

Custom Board Candy: Ian Balding Albatross Standup Paddleboard

Ian Balding Albatross Standup Paddleboard
We're restarting our customs series to help support those craftsmen who are making new and cool boards and paddles. The Ian Balding Albatross Standup Paddleboard The idea to shape the board was to make a downwinder or a board that could be taken out to the...

2016 Imagine Angler Polyethylene SUP Fishing Board

Any video where they start by cast-netting mullet gets our attention. Something I LOVE about this board and videos: Snap in fins, fish hold, fold up seat. They mention how important it is to wear a life vest and wear a leash because you never know when...

An overview of the new Starboard 2016 All Star

This video gives a detailed overview of the 2016 Starboard All Star range, including the concept, target rider, shape and performance and conditions for the new 2016 Starboard All Star. For more information on Starboard SUP and the new 2016 Starboard All Star, check out Starboard Website: http://star-board-sup.com/ Starboard...

2016 12’0″x33″ Atlas – Starboard SUP Allround

At 12’ x33” the atlas is a board with good length for glide, with considerable width for excellent stability. Aimed at the larger rider to be taken on flat water coastal cruises, whilst being more than competent in small to mid size waves. Aided by it’s...

Starboard SUP Fishing Boards

Starboard has launched their 2016 line of Fishing SUPs. With 3 models to choose, you can find the Sportsman in composite technology, ideal for open ocean or choppier conditions with it's ultra wide tail, the Stealth, which is super quiet with great glide to...

California SUP Surf Session Video – Ryan Helm & Brandon Rambo

Here's a video of Riviera's Ryan Helm and Brandon Rambo SUP surfing in San Clemente...  Ryan is on his Riviera pro model The Whirling Dervish 7'6 which is available now. http://www.rivierapaddlesurf.com/collections/sup-surf/products/whirling-dervish For more information on Riviera Paddlesurf, go to: Website: http://www.rivierapaddlesurf.com/ Dealer Locator: http://www.rivierapaddlesurf.com/pages/dealer-locator On Twitter: https://twitter.com/rivierapaddle On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rivierapaddlesurf On Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/RivieraPaddleSurf1 On Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/rivierapaddlesurf On Instagram: https://instagram.com/rivierapaddlesurf/

Great overview of the Surftech Bark Vapor from Kathy Summers

Surftech Bark Vapor
Note from the editor (The Mullet): Kathy has been a Mullet contributor and is the first one in our group who has had extended time on the Surftech Bark Vapor. Kathy has been paddling in the Washington DC area, organizing events and instructing for years,...

Riviera Paddlesurf FishOn for 2016

I got to take a tour of the 2016 Riviera FishOn at the Fall Surf Expo in Orlando. It has every tie-down and ram mount imaginable. Extremely stable and efficient hull design. 12'6" x 34 x 6, 350 liters. Fully equipped with 5 neoprene...


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