Gear Review: Surf Fur SurfCheck Hoodie

Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie
Surf Fur's SurfCheck Hoodie Makes Winter Better It's already been a super cold winter here in North Carolina - Mullet Central. So cold I haven't been doing much surfing.  Something about uber-thick wetsuits with hoods is just not appealing  So I have not been using...

Gear Overview: Knives for Paddling

Knives for Paddling:  A good Idea I distinctly remember the first pocket knife my blade-obsessed father gave me.  It was a small pen knife, with a faux bone handle and a very small blade.  Much to my mother’s horror, he showed me how to open...

Werner to offer LeverLock across their entire SUP Line

Werner Paddles Zen
Werner just made a huge move across their whole line by offering LeverLock across their whole SUP paddle line. The technology adds 16" of adjustment to every paddle, so the days of fixed shafts in the recreation and surf, perhaps even race, might be...

Gear Review: WetSox Gloves Gen II

WetSox Gen II Gloves One Purpose Before we go any farther, let me be perfectly clear: these glove are NOT meant to add warmth to your paddling gloves.  If that’s what you are expecting, you will likely be disappointed.  WetSox socks and gloves have one...

Gear Review: Sailcloth Bags from Sailbags Maui and Mafia Bags

Repurposing Materials: Sailcloth and Sustainability One of my new favorite things is gear bags made of recycled, or rather repurposed sail cloth from a couple of our “sister sports” - windsurfing and kiteboarding.  Sails and kites can rip, and when they do, apparently, they are pretty...

The Official Distressed Mullet Holiday Gift Guide Part III

Mullet Gift Guide Part III This is it, the final chapter in our guide for paddler gifts for 2017. For the BookWorm Giving good books, and certainly receiving them, has always been one of my favorite things. These stick out as great additions to any paddler’s library. Beneath...

Official Distressed Mullet Holiday Gift Guide Part II

Paddler Gift Guide 2017 Part II This is Part II of a multi-part series offering some suggesting for that paddler in your life, or for your own holiday wish list.  Some of these suggestions are new versions of a tried and true product, while others...

Official 2017 Distressed Mullet Holiday Gift Guide Part I

2017 Paddlers’ Gift Guide-Part I From some perennial favorites to some new must haves....we’ve got you covered if you’re stumped about what to give your favorite paddler or if you’re rounding out your own wish list! This is just the first part of a multi-part...

Carolina Paddleboard Company Warehouse Blowout Sale: NC Saturday 12/9 – 12/10

Our friends at Carolina Paddleboard Company are having a huge blowout sale! Boards start at $400! Deals on cold weather gear, hobie polarized starting at $25!!! Please share this post and spread the word!!! 293 Green Meadows Dr Wilmington, NC 28405 Saturday 12/9 - 12/10

Kit Review: Localish Digi Camo Band Leggings

Localish Leggings
Localish Leggings Ah, Fall and Winter! Time to get the tights and other cold weather paddling gear out. But, if you live in a place where the temperatures are extremely changeable and you need something to get you through the in-between season, when it's not warm...

Chatta-Hands: Protecting your Digits and Palms on Long Paddles

If you paddle 15 miles or more in any given session, you'll likely feel it in your hands in one way or another. If you have paddled the 32-mile Chattajack race down the Tennessee River Gorge, then you know about the blisters you'l start...

Falling Back: You’re Gonna Need Some Light On the Subject

Paddling with Lights
Paddling with Lights In just a few weeks, we will all do that one last thing that means Summer is truly over - well, most of us will -- we will turn the clocks back an hour and resume "Standard Time." Non-paddlers and folks who...

Gear Review: Vaikobi V Ocean UV Paddle Pants

Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants
Vaikobi's New V Ocean Paddle Pants Normally, it stays warm enough in North Carolina to make it through most of Fall without having to pull on the tights. But this year, I needed a little extra help keeping my waterproofing bandages for my surf injury...

Book Review: Surf Survival: The Surfer’s Health Handbook

Surf Survival: The Surfer's Health Handbook Authors: Andrew Nathanson,MD, Clayton Everline, MD, Mark Renneker, MD Amazon: $7.95 paperback A little over a week ago, I found myself in the surf with a pretty serious laceration to the leg, caused by the rebounding fin of my 10'6", 30...

Gear Review: Vaikobi Ocean Racing PFD

Low Profile Vaikobi PFD
The Low Profile Vaikobi PFD Like the Mocke Racer PFD,  the Australian Vaikobi is a lower-volume,  inherently buoyant PFD that is gaining in popularity as paddlers look for more options to the waistbelt inflatable PFD. Like the Mocke, it is NOT US Coast Guard approved...

New Prone Source: Cynthia Aguilar Prone Paddleboard Accessories

If you're looking for bottle cages, GPS Watch holders, bottles with hoses, Cynthia Aguilar, the same one who has paddled twice from Cuba to Key West, is now carrying them. Go to: https://www.cynthiaaguilar.com/accessories

Gear Review: Mocke Racer PFD

Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion
Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion First of all right out of the gate I have to say that this PFD is NOT US Coast Guard approved.  It does, however carry a number of international certifications. Use at your own discretion. After this summer’s discussion...

Mullet Movie Guide: When You Need a Distraction

Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies
Our Favorite Paddle and Surf Movies We did summer reading, but what about movies? There are plenty of  fun water related flicks out there to make it through those times when you can’t get to the wet, are sidelined by injuries or just want a...

Interview: Aussie Pro Angie Jackson and One SUP

Angie Jackson - One SUP We had the opportunity to meet Australian paddle champ Angie Jackson in Hood River this past week and Distressed Mullet's Pacific Northwest Correspondent Jhacoli Yang of the Village of Stoke interviewed her about her new line of paddleboard - One...

The Mullet Summer Reading List Part II: More Suggestions

The Distressed Mullet Summer Reading List Part II
The Distressed Mullet Summer Reading List Part II So many books, so little time.  When we started thinking about summer water-related reading, we realized we had lots of suggestions.  So here's Part II of our recommended reading list to help you get inspired, educated and...

The Mullet Summer Reading Part I: Some Suggestions

 A Paddler's Reading List Much to our chagrine, we can't always be paddling in our copious spare time. But if we can't be out on the water, we can at least read about it.  Whether you're trapped in a car on a long business trip...

Gear Review: Catalyst Waterproof, Shockproof Case for iPhone 7

Catalyst iPhone 7 Case
Catalyst  iPhone 7 Case Several iterations of iPhones ago, I tried a Catalyst case and found it lacking. Bad sound quality was the overall problem.  But I have been impressed with Catalyst’s Apple Watch Case and so when the case for the iPhone 7 came...

Kern River on an Inflatable Prone!

Shredding the Whitewater on a prone paddleboard Jack Bark.  He just makes everything look easy. And fun!  Love this video featuring the prone master taking on the whitewater in the Kern River on the new Bark inflatable prone!      

Gear Review: Yakima SUPDawg Paddle Board Carrier

A Close Look at the Yakima SUPDawg
A Close Look at the Yakima SUPDawg When Yakima came out with their new paddle board carrier last summer, I got excited.  I was hoping that this new, beefed up board carrier would be a viable alternative to Thule's SUP Taxi. We've all heard horror...

Harrison Deisroth’s Summer Outrigger Journal

Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii
Harrison's Aloha Summer Paddle Training in Hawaii Aloha all! I have been in Hawai’i for the past week and have begun my summer-long stay in the Islands. I have been training with the juniors of Ka Lahui Kai, a Hawaii 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that trains junior...
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