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Kanahas Transition Towel and Seat Cover

The Kanahas Transition towel and seat cover helps you change in the parking lot without worrying about your towel falling. It comes in 7 colors and is available at This is must-have gear. I own one and use it every time I paddle....

Gear Review: Virus International Keep Warm Coffee Charcoal Series

Virus base layers
To say I love coffee is an understatement.  Not only do I love the taste and texture but I love the way it makes me feel - whether it is waking me up and getting and keeping me going, or warming me up. So, naturally,...

Naish Maliko 2016 Stand Up Paddleboard Review

The Carolina Paddleboard Co. crew reviews the 2016 Naish Maliko. With a rounded nose that releases water, it is a fun and stable board to paddle in the flats. Although, its generous volume, straight rails, and rockered nose make it a great board for...

Super Shop Shirts!

Stand Up Outfitters
When I travel, I enjoy picking up shirts from the shops that I visit. Best case scenario? They have a cool design or catch phrase that's unique to the shop on a nice, soft shirt that won't give me a rash. I am, like...

Gear Review: Mocke Racer PFD

Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion
Low-Profile PFD Does Not Restrict Motion First of all right out of the gate I have to say that this PFD is NOT US Coast Guard approved.  It does, however carry a number of international certifications. Use at your own discretion. After this summer’s discussion...

New Prone Source: Cynthia Aguilar Prone Paddleboard Accessories

If you're looking for bottle cages, GPS Watch holders, bottles with hoses, Cynthia Aguilar, the same one who has paddled twice from Cuba to Key West, is now carrying them. Go to:

Surftech’s Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine’s 2015 Gear of the Year Award

Surftech's Saber Stand Up Paddleboard Wins Outside Magazine's 2015 Gear of the Year Award
How cool is this? Congratulations Surftech! Surftech, the original board manufacturing company, is proud to announce that the Saber model stand up paddle board has just earned Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year Award for Summer 2015. “You won’t find a better finer board for the...

Birth of a Star(Board)

Short Description From Factory to Water

Is Kai Lenny’s Giant Downwind Carrot Strapped to His Back the Future?

I LOVE that Kai continues to experiment—to try anything—including strapping a huge inflatable carrot from Lou Wainman to help propel him forward on his foil. Video by Ryan Johnson “RJ” ( on Instagram) "Supposedly," Kai says in this instagram video post, "it catches the wind and...


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