Book Review: Feed Zone Portables

I don't tolerate pre-packaged bars very well. Either they stop me up or clean me out. I'm ok with Bonk Breakers, but they are expensive! I also get tired of eating the same things all of the time. So, I jumped at the opportunity...

Infinity Whiplash 14′ Standup Paddle Raceboard

First look at the much anticipated Infinity Whiplash 14' Raceboard. Slater Trout's signature raceboard for 2013 and manfactured and distributed by our friends at Boardworks! 14' x 27 wide 23lbs

Book Review…Standup Paddle: A Paddlers Guide

A Steve West/Kanue Culture/Batini Books Paddlers Guide to  STAND UP PADDLE: A Paddlers Guide Forward by Travis Grant REVIEW: Steve West took 5+ years to compile this 500-page definitive resource on SUP. That's about a pound of information per year. When you stay at a hotel for...

Baja LR™ CamelBak Review: Two Paddles Up

A few months ago, I waxed poetic about my CamelBak Tahoe model. It fits around the waist and has a place for your PFD, pouches for nutrition, and other bells and whistles. Well, my house ate that CamelBak. I really can’t find it. It isn’t...

Riviera 2013 SUP’s

Here is a quick overview of the Riviera Paddlesurf 2013 Standup Paddleboard Line

Gear Review: Bluesmiths Kanaha Hydrophobic Paddle Shirt

Bluesmiths sent me (quite out of the blue, I might add), one of their Kanaha hydrophobic paddle shirts to try out. I am pictured wearing the Men's XL. My arm is sticking out because I am showing off the flat stiching on the seams....

Boardworks Badfish BadFisher Fishing SUP

The Badfisher MCIT inflatable SUP board has quickly become a popular platform for SUP fishing adventures. The Badfisher takes the proven stability and maneuverability of the MCIT and adds custom features that meet the needs of the growing population of SUP based fishermen, including...

Quickblade: Quick Shift Discussion

In this episode of Lunch with Jimmy - Morgan Hoesterey stops by and gets a lesson in the benefit of the "choke down" paddle stroke and is introduced to the new "Quick Shift" paddle grip coming from Quickblade. Featuring a new instrumental from the...

Study: Vibram FiveFingers Lead to Greater Risk of Foot Bone Injury

From Runner's World By Scott Douglas:   In a 10-week study, 10 of 19 runners who transitioned to doing some of their mileage in Vibram FiveFingers showed signs of foot bone injury at the end of the study, compared to one of 17 runners who continued...

Packing a board

Great time-lapse shots of packing a board for shipping and travel, notice how they wrap over the bag


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