Standup Paddler Bumped off board, bitten by Shark in Hawaii

Paddleboarder Bitten off the Big Island This story has been making the rounds this weekend from the Big Island of Hawaii....the beach where it happened has been reopened following the standard closure in the wake of the incident.  A 25-year old and his father were...

Stop the Virginia Key Mooring Field: Water Access Alert

Water access is a huge issue for the Distressed Mullet and all our water people. We got this alert this morning from one of our good friends Paolo Ameglio, an outrigger and dragon boat paddler from Miami, Virginia Key in downtown Miami has been a natural...

Cape Cod Great White Sightings Prompt Myriad of Responses

Cape Cod Shark Sightings Two days ago we posted about a SUP paddler who's board was bitten by a Great White Shark off the coast of Cape Cod.  As news reports indicated, seals were in the vicinity and indeed beach goers had apparently witnessed sharks...

Great White Shark Bites SUP in Cape Cod

SUP Board Bitten by Great White Shark More details on the shark bite in New England from NECN News... the paddler was not hurt by the shark but apparently did sustain injuries when he fell on his board.    

SUPKids Partners with Green Surf Festival in Italy

SUPKids Partners with Green Surf Festival in Italy
Editor's Note: SUPKids is an innovative program, in collaboration with Starboard, that teaches kids water safety and environmental awareness, in hopes of creating experiences that will enhance participants' appreciation, respect and understanding for sustainable living. It's good stuff! SUPKids Partners with Green Surf Festival in...

Landlords, Lots of Landlords, Showing up in Southern Cal

Great Whites in SoCal Honestly, not sure what would be more startling, seeing so many great white sharks while paddleboarding, or being "hailed" from above by someone in a helicopter....kind of like when you're riding your bike and a motorist honks his horn at you...

Environment: Paddlers Enlisted to Help Clean up Arizona River

Paddling to protect Arizona's wild places We love this! Keep It Wild Co. a tee shirt and sticker company dedicated to helping to protect Arizona's wild places, is hosting a trash clean up later this month on the Salt River which runs through the Phoenix Valley....

ISA collaborates to make the 2016 Fiji World Championship Deep Blue

Deep Blue Event
Editor's Note: A Deep Blue Event is kind of like LEED certification for buildings- but instead of applying to new construction that is rated based on environmental friendliness, it's a surf event that is held with the least impact on the earth.  According to...

An Awareness Raising Effort on the Ganges Could Set a World Record

Seeing a standup paddler on many rivers in the US or even Europe might not be that big of a thing these days, but on the Ganges in India? And yet, a former banker turned environmentalist - Shilpika Gautam - is looking to be the...

Gone Paddling Expedition Update: Tomahawk and Lake Mohawksin

Gone Paddling Jesse Hieb Update
Earlier this week we told you about filmmaker Jesse Hieb's 430-mile self-supported paddle down the Wisconsin River. He is raising awareness of water quality revitalization work.  We caught his Facebook Live video this morning, and he's doing well. He paddled through the town of Tomahawk,...


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