Grind TV: World Of Adventure and Annabel Anderson In the Faroe Islands

Rappel an inflatable sup down a cliff? Oh yes she did! Well, not ON it of course but still...  

Tandem SUP foiling with Kite foiler

Alex Aguera, Professional Kiter, Windsurfer, Designer, Founder, Partner of GoFoil ( on a kite foil, towed Kalia Aguera in a tandem kite/SUP foil session in very light winds on Memorial Day. Alex Aguera lives in Haiku, Hawaii and is the founder of Go Foil. ( The crazy part...

Go Foil with Starboard

Check out the latest Go Foil for Starboard stand up paddle surf and race boards. Contact your local shop to pre-order as there is limited availability. Delivery will be in August 2016.

Kai Lenny SUP Downwind Hydro foiling

Going 20 mph on open ocean swells? Flying downwind with the Malolos (Flying Fish). My perspective of the ocean has been changed completely. SUP Hydro foiling downwind is the future! A huge thanks to Alex Aguera at Go Foil, and Naish for making this dream...

Operation Phoenix (OPPHX) to help US veterans from BOTE Board

Every day veterans of the United States military are forced to cope with the lingering effects of injuries and trauma from their experiences on the battlefield. Many encounter the harsh reality that the treatments they are recieving are not effective, unavailable or too expensive....

Damien Rider’s Phuket paddle challenge

Damien Rider is best known for his record-breaking paddle down 800 kilometers of the Australian coast, from the Gold Coast to Bondi Beach in Sydney, earlier this year, to raise awareness for his foundation Paddle Against Child Abuse (PACA). This achievement garnered him the...

Paddleboard the Nile – Search for the Source

Adam D Short will be Paddleboarding the Nile, a world first, from source to sea. Subscribe to his YouTube Channel to watch exclusive videos as he prepares, trains and completes the challenge.


DC presents Robbie “Maddo” Maddison’s “Pipe Dream,” giving the world a chance to witness history being made as Maddo rides his dirt bike on the powerful and iconic waves of Tahiti. From his helmet to motocross boots, Maddo was dressed for FMX when he...

National Geographic Live! – Greg Long: Big Wave Rider

In 2012, international surfing champion Greg Long set out to ride the biggest wave of his life. The monster wave nearly killed him. To truly recover, Long knew that he had to face the wave once more. Upcoming Events at National Geographic Live! The National Geographic...

Stand Up Paddle Board Ice Breaker Video

This is great. I don't want o hear any excises for people not paddling, unless they are truly in need of a naval ice breaker to make a path. Thanks Brian Meyer!


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