Maui 2 Molokai SUP downwinder

Check out Josh Riccio The conditions were all time this day with the wind consistently blowing 25mph plus, Mahaloz Danyo Tancayo for following me there and driving me back, and mahaloz Daniel Emnhof for all the photos and footage. ALOHA Music: Tahitian Drums

Before you paddle, warm up: Yoga warmup for SUP progression from Jeramie Vaine

Do this progression slowly. Make sure to use your breath, or for those of us who aren't into yoga, BREATHE! Do a few rounds of this to wake up and engage your core and extremities.

Biomechanics SUP Series #5 – Putting it all Together

The fifth video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on combining what we learned about posture, shoulders and legs. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger. http://www.kialoa.com/biomechanics

Biomechanics SUP Series 3 Shoulders

The third video in KIALOA's Biomechanics SUP Series focuses on shoulders. Learn with us how to paddle longer, paddle stronger. http://www.kialoa.com/biomechanics

Prone Paddleboarding Essential Techniques from Riding Bumps

Riding Bumps is all over prone paddling and their new VIDEO: Prone Paddleboarding: Essential Techniques video is amazing. I just got it and watched it and if it wasn't 20 degrees, I'd be on the water trying some of the techniques. The video is available for...

Get your head straight! Training Paddle Mindset by Dave Kalama

This is part of the QuickBlade QuickTips series by QuickBlade Paddles and the Distressed Mullet. In this episode, Dave Kalama talks about going out for an exercise paddle. Start out 50-60% energy and 100% technique. From the first stroke that you concentrate on technique, you...

QuickTips for Standup Paddling: Roll the Fingers

Dave Kalama discusses how rolling the fingers can help transfer the effort in standup paddling from your arms to your body, which is your source of power. Relaxing your arm helps you use your whole body to pull the board past the paddle. QuickTips...

QuickTips: Pre Standup Paddle Race Prep with Dave Kalama

This is the latest QuickTips How to standup paddle series from QuickBlade and Distressed Mullet. Learn tips on how to get ready for a race from Dave Kalama. For more QuickTips from Distressed Mullet and QuickBlade, go to: http://www.distressedmullet.com Visit us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SUPmullet On Instagram: http://instagram.com/distressedmullet/ And...

Starboard SUP Racing Techniques with Titouan Puyo

This video features Titouan Puyo on the 2015 Allstar performing a basic race stroke technique, a sprint paddle technique and the step back turn on a race board. The testing is performed at Lake Taco, the Starboard HQ in Thailand. Learn more about Starboard SUP

QuickTips: How to generate more speed through hand position on your standup paddle

Find out how to generate more power and more torque by moving your bottom hand lower on the standup paddle. Jimmy Terrell walks us through how long a stand up paddle should be and where to have your hands.  Faster, stronger, less effort. Find out...


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